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“We help people by supporting their self-improvement – whenever and wherever they want.”

Our team is a diverse mix. Various professions meet each other and exchange viewpoints. What drives us all forward is the desire to be at the very forefront of new developments. Excellent written communication, conceptual and hands-on creativity, and the ability to get to grip with unfamiliar specialist topics are all very important for us. Each and every project that we work on has new content in store.

Our interaction with software is crucial, but we also rely on good people skills.
Creating learning content

We are creators of content! We build electronic learning and information content for our customers. Our web-based training modules (WBTs) transfer IT knowledge as well as other highly relevant mission-critical knowledge and topics, such as compliance (for example).

Close to the software, closer to our customers

We produce WBTs with our proprietary authoring tool, tt performance suite. In so doing, advising our customers always plays a key role.