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Data protection and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR):

Train your employees with a practical e-learning course from tts!

The European General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) will enter into force on 25 May. The changes it brings about will affect all companies! Are your employees familiar with these changes, and have they received sufficient corresponding training?

Employees must be informed of what they need to bear in mind in terms of data protection when performing their daily work; this training should refer to typical use cases to the greatest possible extent.
Bavarian Data Protection Authority
Typical use cases drawn from everyday work

The content of tts e-learning courses is structured to reflect typical use cases drawn from everyday work! Your employees will actively apply the knowledge of the regulations that they have acquired to these scenarios. This motivates them and gives them a sense of certainty that they can act appropriately.

Flexibly plannable microlearning modules

The course content is split up into concise microlearning modules, which can be planned flexibly. Modifications to the content can easily be made as desired to reflect your company and corporate design.

    • Fulfils your training obligation regarding the EU GDPR
    • Based on best-practice content from data protection officers
    • Reviewed by external data protection auditor
    • Can be modified in keeping with your company’s specific needs
    • Realistic use cases based on everyday work – your employees can relate
    • Content focused on employees and their actions
    • Interactive, featuring high-quality illustrations
    • Flexibly plannable modular microlearning structure

tts provides custom qualifications solutions to the learning goals that are particularly relevant for your employees.

We take a proven, successful approach, working with your employees to develop custom training measures and learning material - for instance, incorporating design thinking workshops, Webbased training, blended learning concepts, virtual reality apps and video trailers. 

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Webinars on data protection

We offer regular webinars on digital change, free of charge.

Upcoming webinars will be available shortly.