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E-Learning by tts

The best learning materials – both technically and in terms of content

When you transfer knowledge to your organization’s team members, you want it to be well-targeted and appealing. As an experienced e-learning services provider, we can help. Our interdisciplinary team methodically develops both IT and non-IT content for optimum didactic communication through a variety of media – if required, in the widest range of languages.

Advantages at a glance
    • 15 years’ experience
    • 35 of our own e-learning experts
    • Methodical-didactic competence
    • Technical and creative expertise
    • Highly efficient production
    • Individual partnership models
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Stimulate the desire to learn with the right e-learning

Large, difficult to manage “monuments to learning” have had their day.
Now you can impart learning content more efficiently with a methodical mix of Information, Learning and Motivational content.

Web-based training

Web-based training (WBTs) form, in large measure, the core activities that are managed within the concept of “e-learning”. Both IT applications-related content and non-IT based content (for example product and soft-skills training) can be communicated perfectly with WBTs.

Examples from the IT environment

Examples from non-IT environments


Employees who have already been made aware of changes to their daily work, in a positive way, are happier and more ready to embrace new processes or the implementation of new software. Short and visually attractive trailers prepare employees for innovations and help to break down barriers.

Video & audio

With top quality media you can achieve a true learning experience and introduce variety into knowledge transfer. Multimedia arrangements respond to all types of learners and orient themselves towards the habits that your learners have developed through their daily interactions with the World Wide Web. In this respect the motto “form follows function” universally applies.

Guided tours

Guided tours lead employees step by step through new and unfamiliar IT applications. You thus answer user questions directly where they arise: at the employee’s workplace.

Example: Microsoft Office 2016 and Windows 10

Example: Microsoft Office 2013 and Windows 7/8

Micro learning

Micro learning is currently very much in demand. Whether on mobile devices or on the PC, with learning units lasting a maximum of five minutes you raise the awareness of important topics among your fellow employees – and you stimulate their desire to learn more.

Example: stress management

If required, your colleagues can also become e-learning authors

Would you like to develop your colleagues further, building up their know-how in e-learning production? We can help you in this regard, from diverse forms of software training, through methodical-didactic training to design and multimedia workshops.

Or we simply take care of production

Whether you would like to refine existing web-based training or would like to outsource all WBT production, tts offers you a scalable cooperation model, tailored to the requirements of your company and/or project.

The implementation of e-learning and WBTs with the help of tt knowledge force has brought about a fundamental and extensive improvement of training and further vocational education at NH Hotels.
Marta Marcos , Marta Marcos, Vice President, Informatics at NH Hotels
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You can reach us in person from
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