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Learning Basics by tts


Qualify your trainers and E-Learning authors with tts Blended Learning 

Are you looking for a way to create engaging, professionally designed E-Learning courses or classroom trainings which create sustainable learning effects? Do you have skilled trainers and authors within your company and want to equip them with high-quality, easy-to-use tools? Get what you are looking for with tts blended learning courses. 

How to get authors and trainers to succeed

Qualification has been proven to work best by applying the flipped classroom approach. Web-based trainings (WBTs) from tts provide the two techniques critical to your authors­’ and trainers’ effectiveness and success: Methodical and didactical guidelines for sustainable training concepts and for quick and easy eLearning training production. The WBTs from tts come with professionally designed, work scenario-based and interactive modules. The content combines theoretical and practical information and provides guidance for real-life situations such as planning and delivering trainings. Authors and trainers benefit from the toolkit that comes with tts eLearnings – drafts and other useful tools, such as those involving cost calculation, which are needed for effective training.

Your way to a qualified training

The WBTs from tts lay the foundation for subsequent classroom trainings where previously acquired knowledge is applied, and learners take practical tests and work on individual projects.

Regular coaching sessions with experienced tts qualification experts assist your employees in planning and creating content as well as delivering professional trainings and evaluating success.

Find out what tts can do for you and make an appointment with us today! 

Benefits at a glance
    • Professional support for your trainers and authors, covering everything from teaching methods to content creation and training evaluation
    • Your route to a standardized and sustainable qualification concept in your organization
    • Employee-focused content structure for easy application in real-life work situations
    • High-quality, professionally designed and interactive web-based trainings
    • Comprehensive toolkit with ready-to-use training and authoring tools
    • Customizable to meet your individual needs

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