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tt performance suite - Create IT documentation at the push of a button

Whether it’s traditional documentation or interactive simulations, tt performance suite supports you in your IT project (SAP,, CRM, PLM and many others) from the conception to the production of comprehensive training content. Your key users effortlessly produce professional and standardized learning content via recordings.

Advantages at a glance
    • Rapid creation of IT documentation
    • Deceptively realistic simulations
    • Recording across the full scope of the application
    • Convenient updating and localization
    • Neat dovetailing of software testing and documentation
IT documentation in five easy steps

One recording, many output formats

Using an integrated recorder, your authors effortlessly record complex processes in business applications. In a single work process you create professional handbooks, interactive simulations, quick guides and other work aids. 

Translate into all languages

The integrated translation management allows you to translate your training content efficiently into more than 30 languages – so you can localize materials even faster. 


Make your content the perfect fit

Structure your leaning content according to business processes or roles. In this way your employees receive every piece of information in a purposeful manner, so that it is actually relevant to their jobs.

Publish at the push of a button

Make the content you have produced available on your intranet or on mobile end-user devices at the push of the button. Either way, your users will always find the most up-to-date information. 


Everything in view

Integrated documentation management means you can smartly manage content creation and you always have your project firmly under control.

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