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tt performance suite - Performance support helps you at the “moment of need”

With tt performance suite you make information available exactly when it is required: at the “moment of need”. Your colleagues always get exactly the right support because content is tailored to their roles and is relevant to the current business application. As a result, your fellow employees are appreciably more productive, process errors are avoided and you reduce the burden on your helpdesk.

Advantages at a glance
    • Boosts process competence and performance
    • Context-sensitive access directly at the workplace
    • Intuitive guidance through all IT applications (guides)
    • Integration of any learning materials and documents
    • User-generated content
Five good arguments
for electronic performance support (EPSS)

The right time, the right place

tt performance suite delivers context-sensitive answers directly within business applications, consigning time-consuming searches to the past. 

Prepare comprehensive learning content

Make the widest imaginable range of help available to your fellow employees, all at a mouse click: from field help to innovative guides, instruction sets and process information through to complete training courses


Done, already!

Revolutionary guide technology navigates your fellow employees directly through applications and business processes. So they accomplish each step confidently and data quality improves as a result. 

Take advantage of available knowledge

Users can also create guides themselves, if desired, since recording and publication is extremely easy. In this way you make the know-how of individual colleagues available to all. 


Tailored to roles

Take account of processes and roles even at the planning stage and make the appropriate information ready for your colleagues to use. You thus avoid process errors and raise your company’s performance. 

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