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Help for your digital Microsoft 365 workplace

Stop searching - start working! There’s no denying this statement is a bit provocative. However, in these days of digital workplaces with integrated applications, flexible places of work and changing requirements, you can boost the productivity of your staff by bundling all the answers to their questions in one place.

Whenever digital assistance is needed, QuickAccess is where to go. Whether it’s specialist Microsoft 365 applications or integration in your digital workplace, tts offers step-by-step guides, eLearning courses, videos and process instructions as context-related digital content in a user-friendly format.

QuickAccess now also includes a new format – web-based manufacturer help tools, for example for Microsoft Office.

Webinar content
    • Digital adoption of tts
    • QuickAccess – help tool for the digital workplace
    • Integrating help tools from the software manufacturer

Join Thomas Jähnig to take a look at the QuickAccess. See for yourself how to hugely boost user acceptance of the digital workplace.

Thomas Jähnig is a Learning Manager at tts. He is responsible for the tts standard library for digital training courses and performance support for Microsoft applications and business skills. Thanks to his many years of practical experience consulting on IT and organizational projects, he knows the challenges involved in rolling out new processes and applications.

André Roock is Account Manager at tts and advises customers on their user adoption projects, implementation of Office 365 and efficient design of virtual training. Due to his background in systemic consulting and project management, he sees cultural aspects and holistic change management as valuable aspects for a successful digital workplace.

Richard dos Santos in his role as Solutions Director at tts works closely with customers to leverage new technologies to improve customer experiences. This core focus is underscored by his expertise in conceiving and implementing strategic business solutions that elevate company performance, generate revenues, and accelerate organizational learning.


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