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What’s a trend, and what’s just hype?

tts always has its finger on the pulse of innovation and is always a trustworthy point of reference for assessing current developments. Under this heading you will find a selection of contributions regarding a variety of topics. We hope you enjoy browsing through them!

360° Learning - Learning in virtual reality

Employees best learn “on the job” – so why not complement traditional learning methods with 3D simulations of work places to increase the learning experience? tts offers the ideal product for this new learning dimension: 360° Learning.

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Process-oriented knowledge management

Knowledge is a vital resource in every organization. Employees’ know-how plays a particularly important role in business processes, because processes can only execute efficiently and effectively if employees know and understand them.

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Learning strategies – Stimulating the desire to learn with a strategic learning-mix

Whether new knowledge concerns a new software implementation, release of a new version or the communication of new corporate-wide regulations (e.g. compliance), employees must take it on board and embrace it faster than ever. However…

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Electronic performance support – Help at the “moment of need”

IT applications are liable to multiple modifications. One consequence is that employees’ knowledge quickly becomes obsolete and they repeatedly face new challenges. However, today there are innovative technologies that users can take advantage of directly in their current ...

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23.01.2015Talent Management
SAP SuccessFactors – Can software be “beautiful”?

If you are active in the IT environment you will certainly have come across the term, “beautiful software”. On the other hand, non-native English speakers (in particular) often find this description rather outlandish. Can software really be “beautiful”…?

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Gamification – Creating motivational e-learning

People love games! Play is often falsely understood to be the opposite of serious activity. But why not combine the two?

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Developing competences – Equipping employers to solve problems for themselves

These days companies and their employees face the challenge that their knowledge becomes obsolete increasingly rapidly. This especially applies to knowledge related to software applications and process workflows, as these evolve at a tremendous pace …

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Individualizing content – Successful learning via adaptive learning systems

In order to ensure sustainable successes in corporate learning, e-learning offerings should cover as many individual requirements as possible. Yet even the widely used web-based training (WBT) model is highly standardized and not suited to this need ...

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