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Developing competences

Equipping employers to solve problems for themselves

These days, companies and their employees face the challenge that their knowledge becomes obsolete increasingly rapidly. This especially applies to knowledge related to software applications and process workflows, as these evolve at a tremendous pace. Meanwhile there is little time left in the course of day-to-day business to teach users about innovations using classical approaches to training.

Individual initiative is needed

Companies can therefore no longer solve their knowledge problems with qualification alone. Instead, they must empower employees to find solutions for themselves. The key to this is developing competences.

New concepts support active behaviors

Innovative learning concepts are necessary to provide advice and support to employees as they develop competences, because you cannot simply foster competence through communication. Competences are formed through a person’s own activity.

Possessing a competence means that a person has developed capabilities that are individually transferable to new situations.
Heiner Willenberg
Solving concrete problems in the team

An important component of qualification should therefore consist of concrete ways to address problems, which employees can then solve either in their teams or on their own. Realistic simulation games, as well as the formation of learning and peer groups, meet this purpose. In these, employees can practice their approach to problem solving in real conditions and discuss this with their colleagues on an equal footing.

Seeing the big picture

In the SAP training environment this means, for example, that pure systems operation loses its significance. On the other hand, employees must understand and master processes, and how they interact, at a higher level. 

The roles and the tasks of trainers are thus evolving. Teacher-oriented training is giving way to coaching and the preparation of training materials is relocating from document and slides production to the creation of complex exercise scenarios.
Martin Kochler , Head of Training at tts
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