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Performance Support

Help at the “moment of need”

IT applications are liable to multiple modifications. One consequence is that employees’ knowledge quickly becomes obsolete and they repeatedly face new challenges. However, today there are innovative technologies that users can take advantage of directly in their current activity. The buzzword is: electronic performance support.

Help that precisely fits the user’s needs

Electronic performance support isn’t about building comprehensive knowledge. Rather, employees get exactly the information that they need at the “moment of need” so that they can correctly accomplish the next step in the work process.

From field description to process

Special electronic performance support systems (EPSS) are being developed for this purpose. They recognize where the user is within a software program and offer relevant help. Such help can include, for example, field descriptions or picklists, concrete process instructions or high level process information.

With performance support employees get precisely the help that relates to, and is exactly focused upon, the current process.

Guides lead through the current program

Moreover, IT users can be guided very simply and directly through the program he is working on (such as Office or SAP). What’s exceptional here is that at the end of the software guide the user has actually completed the current task and can directly address the next one.

Striking the right balance

Performance support is especially suitable for imparting knowledge about processes within software applications, for example. On the other hand, the performance support format does nothing to build the learner’s process understanding at a higher level. Therefore this form of knowledge transfer needs to be embedded within a strategic learning-mix.

What are the advantages of using an EPSS?
    • Unnecessary “off the shelf” learning is reduced
    • Employees are supported regardless of time and place
    • Employees can access help based on their own needs
    • Employees feel confident dealing with new applications
    • Process and data quality is increased
    • The number of support requests is reduced
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