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Creating motivational e-learning

People love games! Play is often falsely understood to be the opposite of serious activity. But why not combine the two?

Capitalizing on gaming mechanisms

Gamification utilizes gaming mechanisms in order to create non-gaming processes (for example work and learning) that motivate.

Gamified web-based training allows the user to immerse himself in an all-encompassing scenario, for example one in which he encounters meaningful decisions.

Uses learn from their activity

The user gets an immediate response to his behavior. In this way he learns from his activity step by step and gets a feeling of autonomy and competence. The user’s successes are visible – through points, badges, a progress bar or ranking – when competing against other players. If the user has mastered the tasks given to him, internalized the learning material, and achieved the objectives of the gaming and learning, he can proudly share his successes with his fellow players and colleagues.

Simple ideas that arouse the desire to learn

However, it is not necessary to use flashy fireworks, costly animations or 3D special effects in order to make e-learning motivating through gamification. You can also liven up dry material with simple gaming mechanisms, so that users can concentrate on the serious content while also having fun.

In this way the material that a user learns stays in his memory. Gamification is therefore a particularly effective technique for motivating employees to learn.
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