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LMS Integration

Boost the synergies of tt performance suite and your Learning Management System (LMS) by tts API technology

Naturally, many contents created with a professional authoring suite and learning content life cycle management like ttps should be incorporated into your Learning Management System. In particular, when tracking of user histories is important. For this, tts offers:

ttps state of the art LMS-API

Seamlessly integrate courses created in the content factory of tt performance suite into your Learning Management System (LMS). You no longer need to export and import with every content update, just to create redundant content. Just auto-synch your LMS catalog with the content you create and manage within tt performance suite. Say goodbye to manual efforts and system incompatibilities, and say hello to a whole new world of ease. The integration developed by Cornerstone and tts allows you to create content and publish it immediately to your Cornerstone course catalog.

Let tt performance suite manage all your content, and let your LMS do what it does best: managing all your learners, courses and bookings.

This feature is available since Release 2017R2. Already, customers have been activating the interface successfully. The first vendor that enables a full usage of this new ttps API is Cornerstone on Demand.

Cornerstone customers find the corresponding information here.

Your advantages in a nutshell:
    • Seamless integration - Course content is automatically published to your Cornerstone course catalog including metadata and hierarchy
    • Reduced administrative work - Content remains in tt performance suite, eliminating the need to export and import the content into the LMS
    • Smart synchronization - From a LMS perspective no content maintenance is required
    • Reliable tracking - Proved learning progress tracking through industry standard AICC HACP
    • Unlock content - reuse learning content with tt performance suite and offer performance support for your target audience directly at their workplace
    • Mobile ready - Content created with tt performance suite is HTML5 based and supports multiple mobile platforms and devices
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