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SAP SuccessFactors

Can software be “beautiful”?

If you are active in the IT environment you will certainly have come across the term, “beautiful software”. On the other hand, non-native English speakers (in particular) often find this description rather outlandish. Can software really be “beautiful"?

Talent Management in the cloud

SAP applies the term “beautiful” above all in relation to the cloud-based software SuccessFactors. But the word should, in this case, not be taken (too) literally.

In this context the word “beautiful” means that the software is intuitive and easy to use.

Users get along with it quickly

Because of its simple menu navigation and the logical structure, many users like to work with this software program. Added to which, new users need little training, since they can soon grasp the software’s logic.

Colorful, and personal

But the colorful design and personalized presentation also contribute to the user experience. Each and every user can set up their own individual home page – with photos, links, favorites and organizational plans. Beyond this, employees can add information about themselves and share it with their colleagues.

Employees in focus

SuccessFactors bears no resemblance to a typically dull HR software package. Employees come more into focus within the application. This gives rise to an interactive experience, in which the borders between HR tool, employee self-service and communications platform become blurred. Perhaps now the literal truth is finally revealed: this software really is “beautiful”. 

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