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Bekaert harmonises SAP documentation for 7,000 IT users

Thanks to tt performance suite all 7,000 Bekaert IT users now have quick access to consistent and updated online manuals for SAP applications that have been systematically tested and documented using tt performance suite.

The customer

Bekaert is a world leader in steel wire transformation and coatings. With headquarters in Belgium, it employs 27,000 people worldwide. Serving customers in 120 countries, Bekaert generated combined sales of € 4.1 billion in 2013. It is well known as a supplier of steel cord products for tyre reinforcement - one in every four tyres in the world is reinforced with Bekaert products. Its steel fibres are used to reinforce over five million cubic metres of concrete every year.

The challenge

Bekaert has implemented SAP worldwide. Its global subsidiaries had created manuals in a variety of formats such as Word and PowerPoint, which resided in local SharePoint servers, wiki pages and on the intranet.

The SAP Competence Centre in Zwevegem had no overview of the IT documentation currently being used in any language. It could not be sure that updates were being applied. End users never knew if the manuals they were accessing were up to date, a source of inefficiency and frustration. So there was a clear governance issue.

The project

Bekaert chose tt performance suite to implement a centralised testing and documentation management solution. Any updates are now applied consistently. A team of two people in Belgium manages Bekaert authors all over the world via a server environment and workflows.

Bekaert is now using tt performance suite extensively to test applications and for performance support. Moreover, as the benefits of tt performance suite become more widely known in the organisation, other business units such as HR have adopted it to produce e-learning.

We chose tt performance suite because it integrates perfectly with SAP and does everything we need from testing through user training and documentation to real-time performance support. We are getting very positive feedback from both end-users and authors of the manuals, which are now consistent and up to date wherever Bekaert does business.


Sofie De Pauw, Project Manager

The implementation

The proof of concept project took place in late 2012. “We were immediately convinced that tt performance suite addressed all of our challenges,” says Sofie De Pauw, Project Manager at Bekaert. Before applications go live, Bekaert tests IT scenarios from end to end for quality and robustness. Each test automatically generates a report, which serves as proof that the system functions correctly in a given scenario.

End users are then trained in procedures and essential processes and can rely on performance support that provides access to the current documentation based on the entity they work for and their role in this entity. Local language performance support is provided with English as a fall-back for advanced topics.

The benefits

  • Worldwide efficiency gains
  • Automatic documentation updates
  • Interdepartmental usage of tt performance suite

A single source of the truth is delivering efficiency gains worldwide. When an application changes, Bekaert can identify the relevant manuals and scenarios that need to be tested; documentation updates happen automatically. Bekaert has developed more than 2,200 test cases. Around 140 support and maintenance personnel use tt performance suite daily for testing purposes and 150 employees use the software for end user documentation. Other business functions at Bekaert are also now using tt performance suite to produce non-IT e-learnings.