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Benchmarks for talent management and learning

It is only teams whose members all give their best performance that can win a relay race. That is why the “Knowledge Transfer” (“Wissen im Transfer – WiT”) prize awarded by tts GmbH looks like a relay baton. It honors companies that have achieved structured in-house knowledge transfer in outstanding ways that have led to successes. In 2015 the baton was bestowed upon Tina Dosch, Team Manager, IT Systems at the Lidl Foundation and Limited Partnership Company.

The tts WiT Award goes to the Lidl Foundation

“The decisive factor for nominating Lidl was its outstanding engagement for the creation and securing of innovative learning concepts and systems in basic and further training. Lidl was able to show, in an impressive way, that it has set benchmarks for talent management and learning through the neat interplay of learning management systems, its own LMS app, authoring software and well-constructed e-learning modules,” is how Johanna Kuch, Senior Consultant at tts GmbH, highlighted the reasons for giving the award to Lidl.

The WiT Award has already been presented seven times by tts GmbH. Lidl thus joins a list of prestigious names from previous years: Evonik, BMW AG, E.ON, Roche, Conrad and Novartis.

Tina Dosch, Team Leader IT Systems & Learning Solutions, Lidl Stiftung & Johanna Kuch, Senior Consultant, tts GmbH