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Change Management: the determining factor for your success in your project, and your enterprise

Change management ensures that the leadership teams on all levels of the organizational hierarchy are familiar with their responsibilities in change processes from day one, and act accordingly.

It is important that people throughout the organization have access to the information they need and that the workforce is involved in the restructuring in an appropriate manner. This is the only way that they can be sure of working and learning successfully under the changed circumstances. People do not change to the same rhythm of a project plan, and certainly not when this is heading down the home strait to the go-live.

That’s why change management must be understood as an iterative process: change management needs planning that is flexible enough to adjust to the actual requirements of your employees and your organization in the course of the implementation process. The experience you pick up en route via multiple feedback loops can then be applied in the next change process.

We’re here to help: 

  • tts Change Manager in your project
    Maybe you’d like to anchor change management in your project but lack the people to do this? tts can work onsite with you during your project. Working closely with your project leadership, we plan the required actions and then carry them out. From analysis through communications planning to the management of workshops and all-hands meetings – change management from a single source.
  • Consultancy on the content-specific and methodological aspects of the change management
    Do you already have employees who are working on change management?
    We are well aware of the special demands that are placed on change management, for example when you are implementing SAP software in your company or if you want to establish e-learning as the new approach to training. We can help you to plan your change management actions and support your internal change managers, making it easier for them to fulfill their roles in the project as successfully as possible.
  • Project facilitation services
    It’s not uncommon that a project can lose momentum or even stall right in the middle of its execution. That’s when some additional help can make a difference.
    In such circumstances we can help with facilitation and team coaching. It can help you to get things on track, for example to improve and intensify collaborative efforts, both within the project team and between project team members and departments.

Our services in detail

  • Analysis of current situation and constraints; identification of the most important contact persons and supporters in the change management project
  • Project planning for change management actions
  • Help with the selection of key users and internal trainers
  • Creation of a key user organization
  • Design and moderation of workshops, for example, for management:

    • Analysis of the scope of change and the concrete impact of the changes in the affected departments
    • To win alignment and commitment
    • To help managers to identify the concrete leadership tasks in the change management process

  • Facilitation, team coaching
  • Communications planning
  • Design and moderation of “all hands” meetings
  • Project marketing
  • Employee surveys