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Enable Sales to Success - Innovative sales approaches for the insurance sector

Is there currently a lack of challenges for the insurance sector? Hardly! Customer expectations for quality and choice of products are increasing. Digital transformation, new statutory and regulatory frameworks and conditions, as well as initiatives such as “gut beraten” (well advised) in Germany and “cicero” in Switzerland are bringing all kinds of changes.

Sales must take on these demands and align its offers more effectively to the customer. Innovative solutions are in demand, which will lead to more revenue, a strengthening of customer relationships and the maximization of customer potential.

The Enable Sales to Success concept from tts offers an answer to these challenges. You can implement Enable Sales to Success at any time during normal business operations. Within a short timeframe, Enable Sales to Success will raise the performance of your sales team, measurably and sustainably.

Success at a leading Swiss insurer

This insurer implemented the concept with great success in Switzerland. In a pilot project 350 sales employees were divided into two groups. The first group used the Enable Sales to Success approach, the second did not.


The result was as astonishing as it was impressive: in just six months the revenue generated by the first group demonstrably exceeded that of the second by 28%; it issued 42% more proposals and the number of top performers increased by 16%. As a result the company steadily extended the use of the Enable Sales to Success concept.

The key to success

1. Learn from the top performers!

Use the best practices of your best employees! This may sound obvious but it is rarely applied. With the Enable Sales to Success approach you change this: you define the critical success topics and nominate a top performer as your topic partner.

For each of these topics we create for you a learning unit (up to a maximum 60 minutes), a so-called learning nugget. Then you conduct a session with your sales team using the topic-specific learning nugget. Next, you share a task with your sales team and support each employee with its execution.

The result: you sustainably increase the performance of each individual sales employee and thus the overall performance of your sales team. Solid performers become top performers! Revenue goes up continuously!

2. Become a performance coach!

So what role do you, as a sales manager, play in the Enable Sales to Success approach? You become a performance coach! But don’t worry – we make you fit for the job: tts supports you in the choice of top performer and provides all of the documentation and guidelines that you need for the complete execution of a learning nugget. If required we will also prepare you for your specific task. And for the follow-up with sales personnel in the course of the management process you are also well equipped with tts.

3. The right information, at the right moment!

The amount of information available in sales is growing apace. At the same time, information is becoming out of date faster and faster. For sales personnel it is however extremely important to be able to find relevant information quickly and purposefully. Here too the Enable Sales to Success approach offers the appropriate solution.

A performance support application enables every salesperson to find the information necessary for the current step in the sales process within a matter of seconds. This could be customer information, product descriptions, contract documents, guidelines, or online help for the correct use of (for example) the CRM, as well as the learning nuggets and videos described above. Enable Sales to Success thus helps the salesperson to take care of a task quickly, correctly and to the full satisfaction of the customer.

We’re always delighted to help!

Our offer

As tts we provide comprehensive consultancy and implementation support for the Enable Sales to Success approach in your day-to-day sales activity.

Your Investment?

The implementation of the Enable Sales to Success approach pays for itself very quickly. At the Swiss insurer the project budget accounted for about 10% of the resulting revenue growth in the course of the six-month pilot.

Your next step?

Convince yourself of the advantages of the Enable Sales to Success approach! We recommend that, as a sales manager, you find out about Enable Sales to Success in detail by taking part in a free two-hour workshop. Should we win your confidence, we will be delighted to work with you to create a pilot, which you can then use as the basis for the full rollout.