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FLYERALARM: Well-prepared for tomorrow’s digital business with SAP SuccessFactors

FLYERALARM knows the rules of the digital age: Its innovative strength, customer focus, and highly motivated employees have shot the marketing services and printed products specialist to the top of its industry across Europe. Now the company is modernizing its HR with SAP SuccessFactors solutions. Digitized and simplified processes lead to an even more efficient way of working.

Business Transformation


  • Support HR with a future-proof, efficient, and effective HR solution
  • Reduce the administrative effort involved in HR through digitized processes
  • Ensure compliance by using an innovative cloud solution


  • Rolled out in 7 countries on time and within budget with help from implementation partner tts
  • Provided online access to the entire range of training offers for all employees
  • worldwide using an innovative approach
  • Empowered employees to see how their goals align with company strategy


  • Performance appraisals that are significantly more flexible and transparent
  • Alignment of each employee’s personal targets with strategic business goals
  • Data security at all locations thanks to the cloud

Simply closer to employees and customers

Since its founding in 2002, FLYERALARM has been a huge success story. The “inventor of online printing” delivers marketing materials of the highest quality faster than its competitors. The business model is characterized first and foremost by a clear customer focus. Based on surveys among more than 45,000 people from 400 companies, FLYERALARM won the German Fairness Prize for transparency, reliability, and value for money in 2014 and 2015 in the category ‘online printers.’

In order to maintain this high quality standard and keep growing, FLYERALARM needs highly motivated and well-trained employees more than anything else. The key is having an innovative, future-oriented HR strategy in which the objectives of every employee are 100% aligned with the company’s business goals.

For a long time FLYERALARM had been using tools such as Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Outlook for its performance management and training, resulting in time-consuming manual processes. A cutting-edge e-commerce company like FLYERALARM required an innovative and effective HR solution that could provide all employees with up-to-date information at any time.

The company also wanted to be able to fulfill its compliance requirements regarding personnel data and create an attractive and intuitive user interface with the new HR solution. “Our goal was to support ongoing communication between managers and employees. To do this, it helps to be able to offer a platform for various topics,” says Dr. Julia Weikamp of HR develop­ment at FLYERALARM.

Future-proof solution creates highly flexible processes

The SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals and SAP SuccessFactors Learning solutions fulfilled FLYERALARM’s selection criteria concerning data security and user friendliness. The cloud solutions do not require the company to have its own IT infra-structure and can easily be adapted to new require­ments. Up-to-date data is available at every location, anytime. “Furthermore, the interface to SAP was important to us as updates are installed on a daily basis,” says Weikamp.

SAP partner tts GmbH supported the implementa­tion. “tts provided expert support throughout the entire implementation and beyond — via e-mail, over the phone, in Webinars, and in workshops. This helped us succeed in getting the new HR solution and all its facets up and running on time and with-in budget,” adds Weikamp.

Users at the front end and back end quickly switched from doing calculations with Microsoft Excel to working with a high-end solution. FLYERALARM has strength­ened collaboration across the company and can run its HR much more flexibly and efficiently than in the past. The simplified processes also allow staff to focus entirely on their core responsibilities.

FLYERALARM not only aligned the graphical interfaces with its corporate design: “Text elements were also adjusted to fit the language of FLYERALARM. That’s how we turned the solution into our system, significantly facilitating the transition process,” emphasizes Weikamp.

The SAP SuccessFactors solutions enabled us to further increase transparency and flexibility in our goal, performance, and learning management processes. They have formed the foundation for our e-learning courses.


Dr. Julia Weikamp, HR Development, FLYERALARM GmbH

A company culture that stresses communication

SAP SuccessFactors solutions have transformed FLYERALARM’s processes and revitalized the company culture. Instead of setting objectives and goals once a year, there is now a constant exchange of information and feedback between managers, em­ployees, and HR. Managers have the goals and development of every employee right in front of them at a glance.

Employees better understand how their performance and goals fit into the overall company strategy and how they can develop their career in a targeted way. “Everyone can take responsibility for their own training and further development as they can view the courses on offer and utilize them,” says Weikamp. “At the same time, we can measure the demand for training courses since any employee can simply make a request to HR using the system.”

The learning catalog now comprises over 150 courses — about three times as many as there were in the past. “Everyone can check the entire range of courses offered by FLYERALARM at any time,” says Weikamp. “This transparency ensures that everyone enjoys equal op-portunities and was something that our employees really wanted. In addition, the SAP SuccessFactors Learning solution considerably accelerates our processes, from identifying demand to creating certifi-cates.”

The basis for future innovations

Given FLYERALARM’s positive experiences with SAP SuccessFactors solutions since the go-live event and the positive feedback from staff, the company plans to continue the digital transformation of its HR in the coming months. It plans to introduce the SAP SuccessFactors Succession & Development solution to manage talent in a more comprehensive way, for example, by connecting an individual’s career goals directly with relevant training.

“Today’s digital world of work calls for dynamic, digital HR processes that can be adjusted flexibly,” says Weikamp. “Because the SAP SuccessFactors solutions are constantly being developed, they are ideal for today’s working world.”