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HUK-Coburg - Making the switch

How German insurance company HUK-Coburg succeeded in changing its authoring software after ten years.

Based in the upper Franconian city of Coburg, HUK-Coburg is among the largest German insurance companies for private households, with more than 10 million customers. Approximately 10,000 employees, together with 5,000 external agents and partners, are provided with elearning from a central department. The insurance group is well known for its cost leadership.

HUK-Coburg has many years’ experience with e-learning. There’s been an e-learning platform going back to 2000, and since 2003 the company has produced its own e-learning content. The first courses were only produced for the head office in Coburg and exclusively focused on IT topics. With the extension of the e-learning offering to all parts of the business, the scope extended to cover general subjects such as compliance, anti-trust legislation, IT security and health and safety.