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Increase customer satisfaction and your field service efficiency

How modern qualification techniques can significantly increase customer satisfaction and the efficiency of service technicians.

Shorter product lifecycles, increased staff turnover and a mixed team of techni­cians, for example as the result of merg­ers and acquisitions, make it ever more difficult to qualify field service personnel within budget.

tts is a leading supplier of technical per­formance support solutions, which help you to reduce expenditure on prod­uct trainings. Instead, your technicians are equipped with the relevant product or process information in their “moment of need”, so that critical KPIs such as first-time resolution and error rates are improved and customer satisfaction is increased.

Our solution approach for you:

Working with you, we develop a qualification strategy suited to your individual requirements for your technicians out in the field.

1. Efficient support for field technicians

You know the situation. Your onsite employee must service a machine but does not know how to proceed. That is precisely when a service technician wishes there was somebody who could offer him the appropriate sup­port within a matter of seconds – for example a “digital colleague”.

Your employee can contact this digital col­league with a single click whenever the need arises, who will then lead him step by step through the next task. In this way your service technicians can carry out their duties correctly and to the full satisfaction of the customer. We call this “performance support”.

2. Reduce classroom training while increasing competency levels

Classroom trainings make sense as they always have, but more in order to motivate employees and to give them some initial practical experience, rather than in order to communicate structured specialist knowledge. Increasingly they are being replaced by e-learning, but with slick creation and delivery the e-learning medium is more than a straight replacement.

In the preparation for classroom training, e-learning enables the matching of the participants’ competence levels; structured into "knowledge nuggets" it allows specific help in concrete situations, without the employee having to work through 45 minutes’ worth of product information.

Our offer for you:

As a full-service provider we make the right software available to you alongside comprehensive consultancy on employee qualification. In this respect we are well placed to support you individually and holistically on your project, also thanks to our track record and competence built up over many years.

Our software, tt performance suite, is the technical foundation for this support. It uniquely combines web-based training, documentation, online help and performance support – thus building a bridge between learning and working. tt performance suite has more than 4 million users worldwide – at leading OEM and vendors in the automotive and machine engineering companies, among others.