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INEOS Styrolution SAP SuccessFactors – from a manual to a global, cloud-based HR information system

In 2017, the global leader in styrenics INEOS Styrolution embarked on an ambitious project to establish a new, global and cloud-based HR information system. With the help of implementation partner tts, INEOS Styrolution completed this task in record time by implementing SAP SuccessFactors modules Employee Central, Recruiting, Onboarding and Learning in over 20 countries in only eight months.

INEOS Styrolution is the leading, global styrenics supplier with a focus on styrenemonomer, polystyrene, ABS standardand styrenic specialties. With world-class production facilities and more than 85 years of experience, INEOS Styrolution helps its customers succeed by offering the best possible solution, designed to give them a competitive edge in their markets. The company provides styrenicapplications for many everyday products across a broad range of industries, including Automotive, Electronics, Household, Construction, Healthcare, Packaging and Toys / Sports / Leisure. In 2017, sales were at 5.3 billion euros. INEOS Styrolution employs approximately 3,300 people and operates 16 production sites in nine countries.

The challenge

As many other global players, INEOS Styrolution was in need of a global HR information system to maintain, administer and analyze their workforce master data without big manual efforts. The goal was to bring many different country-specific HR systems and processes on one global INEOS Styrolution HR environment in order to harmonize master data management, talent management processes and the global organizational structure. All this within a tight timeframe of less than nine months.

The project

The primary objective was to optimize and harmonize HR processes worldwide by implementing a state-of-the-art, all-in-one solution. It extended into the following particular project deliverables:

• The transfer of HR data into the cloud with the implementation of Employee Central as a globalized master data system

• The rollout of Onboarding and Recruiting with worldwide standardized processes

• The implementation of an interface from SAP SuccessFactors to their IT management tool ServiceNow to include already existing global IT processes

• The combination of SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central, Recruiting and Onboarding as an overall integrated end-to-end process, fully integrated with the ServiceNow IT management tool

• The worldwide rollout of LMS (Learning Management System) integrated with the other modules

• The implementation of all the above in a big bang approach in only eight months

• The rollouts for Compensation, Performance & Goals and Succession in additional waves in 2018

After a long and thorough evaluation process, INEOS Styrolution chose SAP SuccessFactors as their preferred HR cloud software provider and tts as their preferred implementation partner. SAP SuccessFactors offered a clear advantage over competing vendors in terms of 3rd party connectivity and match for their business process requirements. tts has a lot of experience with global SAP SuccessFactors implementations and had convinced the stakeholders with its knowledge and open, straight talking consulting approach.

The implementation

Lead by Albert Tomaj, Global IT Program Manager and experienced project manager at INEOS Styrolution, the project started in May 2017 with a global kick-off workshop with the aim of going live with Employee Central, Recruiting, Onboarding and LMS in all operating countries at the beginning of January 2018.
Given the tight timeframe, the client ensured the availability of enough qualified internal HR resources who fully dedicated their work to the project,and fulfilled the difficult task of bringing the local HR processes to a global standard. They were supported by an extended project team drawn from the local HR teams in the three globai regions. tts itself fielded a team ofvery experienced and highly dedicated consultants. Both INEOS Styrolution and tts acted as one team throughout the implementation process.
In the end, the focus on building global processes together with good communication and commitment from both parties were critical to the success. INEOS Styrolution went live with Employee Central, Recruiting, Onboarding, LMS and the ServiceNow integration in January 2018, exactly eight months to the day after kick-off.
This was made possible due to excellent guidance by tts, combining deep knowledge of standard SAP SuccessFactors processes with the integration of a 3rd party software.



“I want to thank the whole tts team for the hard work and their commitment. The staffing was very well selected and we got all the necessary support throughout the project. The whole project team – consisting of tts and INEOS Styrolution colleagues – felt as one team and this made the go-live possible in record time. HR, IT as well as our management board are very satisfied with the result and we are receiving positive feedback from several businesses across the globe.“


The benefits

With this project, INEOS Styrolution has created global standardized HR processes in recruiting, learning, on- and offboarding and employee lifecycle changes. Local tools in Learning and Recruiting have been replaced with a modern state-of-the-art and user-friendly HR system. There are consistent employee self-service and manager self-service processes with corresponding workflows and approvals.

Employee Central is the platform for these processes with a harmonized global HR structure including position management to support budget control and a functional organizational structure. With all employee master data in one global, centralized HR information system, INEOS Styrolution is able to monitor and analyze their corporate HR data and KPIs with equal measures, providing their senior executive team with important workforce intelligence.

As it was set out initially, there is now a consistent joiner / leaver / mover process throughout the company. tts implemented this end-to-end process using the full potential of integration within SAP SuccessFactors as well as to 3rd party software.

It starts in Employee Central with the approval of a new position. This triggers all necessary organizational information linked to this new position and converts into a requisition in Recruiting. Having applied to the requisition, the successful candidate goes through the new, harmonized Recruiting and Onboarding processes. The final hire in Employee Central triggers a two-way integration to and from the IT management tool ServiceNow, managing the provision of IT hardware, software access and an active directory entry. The improved procedure has already created enormous time savings.

INEOS Styrolution and tts are now looking forward to the implementations of SAP  SuccessFactors Compensation, Performance & Goals, Career Development and Succession, once again with the objective of using the full potential of SAP SuccessFactors to optimize and simplify HR processes in the cloud.

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Implementation of SAP SuccessFactors modules Employee Central, Recruiting, Onboarding and Learning in over 20 countries in only eight months