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Insurance group VKB implements a web-based learning environment for its new sales system

Versicherungskammer Bayern (VKB) found a creative and highly motivating solution to the challenge of training a heterogeneous user community. “Gentle compulsion” to take part in the new learning environment and a cleverly designed certiication program drove a high level of user acceptance.


Each day, VKB switches on average eight to ten salespeople to the new sales system AloA. By the end of 2016 all of the approximately 4,000 sales professionals will be able to work with it, regardless of whether they are young or old, IT expert or internet skeptic, or based in a rural part of Germany or metropoles like Berlin and Munich. So, how do you keep such a disparate bunch on board and enthusiastic for a sea-change in the way they do business?

Modernity with “always online”

The rollout of the new web-based sales system was triggered by increasing demands from users; demands which could no longer be met by the old system. For instance, it was not possible to enter a change of address during a sales consultant’s visit to a customer. Instead, they had to send the information to back office staff via e-mail or telephone, who would then enter it into the legacy system – a laborious and time-consuming process.

By contrast the new sales system allows sales partners, including bank employees and agents, to generate the latest up-to-the-minute information on a daily basis with a tablet. All they need is internet access and a browser. Working with a selected group of sales partners, VKB developed the Always online Application, abbreviated to AloA. It’s available 24/7 and, provides salespeople with real-time data and the possibility to transact business and close sales onsite. This is a real added-value for sales partners, but also a completely new application that they have needed to learn.

Efficient, time and cost effective training – We achieved this with the AloA Learning Environment. tts played a major role in its design and supported us energetically.

A learning environment that’s fun for sales partners

Training in the new sales system had to be time and cost-effective as well as efficient. “We achieved this with the AloA Learning Environment. tts played a major role in its design and supported us energetically,” said Marek Kubek, Area Director at VKB, who started the AloA learning environment project around 18 months earlier. “We’d already acquired a lot of experience in e-learning since 2009,” recalled Bernhard Bothner, an IT trainer at VKB.

But it had not yet won a high level of acceptance. With the introduction of tt performance suite in 2015 VKB opted for a completely new approach to training in AloA The concept is one of cascaded training. At the basic level it comprises the mandatory AloA learning environment. Online seminars and, if desired, classroom training events then build on this basic knowledge. In addition, a hotline provides user support.

Interactive learning means better learning

 The AloA Learning Environment is a self-learning program with interactive training, which familiarizes users with the new sales system step by step. The task for future users is to work through learning videos on special topics, thereby practicing the correct procedures in AloA. The program is split into five blocks, each concluding with a test. Students start out as a “cabin boy” then ascend through the ranks to able seaman, petty officer, chief mate and finally captain. Only when students have obtained their “Captain’s License” can they take part at the next level with online seminars and/or visit regional classroom training. A particular feature in the learning videos, which are recorded with tt performance suite, is the high degree of interactivity. They have a sound track and are brought to life with lots of useful tips and references, stimulating the desire to learn more.

All shipshape

This well thought-through concept won extraordinarily high acceptance. Sales partners took a great interest in learning the new sales systems in advance. At latest six weeks before the rollout highly motivated users were grappling with the 15 learning videos, referring to the handbooks and documentation, and progressing to the rank of captain – each at his or her own pace.