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Knowledge Nuggets for PC and iPad

The Knowledge Nugget is a compressed, standalone, circa six-minute long electronic learning object, which conveys learning in an interesting way and stimulates interest in finding more information.

An entertaining way to share knowledge

This clip was created with tt performance suite . It explains the concept of Knowledge Nuggets.

Ready-made Standard Nuggets on general topics in the following categories

Inter-cultural communication

  • China

Self development

  • Time Management
  • The 6 Thinking Hats
  • Conflict Resolution

Life-work balance

Media and communication

  • E-Mail Etiquette
  • IT Security

Management and leadership

  • Project Management
  • Diversity Management
  • House of Change

and many more

Customized Knowledge Nuggets

Our e-learning specialists develop custom nuggets tailored to your needs or specifically created for the topics of your choice.

Knowledge Nuggets in detail

There are ready-made Standard Nuggets on general topics, Custom Nuggets tailored to your needs or specifically created for the topics of your choice. Each Nugget begins with a motivating trailer, in which (for example) a case study is directly described, analyzed and (if necessary) the situation is corrected. Afterwards you get proposals for further learning in the form of an informative PDF with tips on further reading, links to web pages and other offers.

You can access Knowledge Nuggets via Internet Explorer, via Safari on the iPad, and as an iPad-App, independent of any network. You provide your employees with online access to courses and documents. The special feature: Once the courses are downloaded to the iPad, they can be used both online and offline. That's true mobile learning.

All Knowledge Nuggets are also available as video podcasts in different video formats. Since interactivity plays a subordinate role in this context, Knowledge Nuggets are really suitable for Smartphones.

Nuggets are made to a consistent standard and branded with the tts look and feel. They can also be customized to match any corporate design, with the appropriate colors, format and company logo – or even to suit a specific campaign or personal scenario.