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Luzerner Kantonalbank relies on tts for its digital transformation

With the implementation of tt performance suite Luzerner Kantonalbank AG accomplished the digital transformation of its learning culture. The e-learning platform for more than 1,000 employees not only allowed the rapid recording of IT documentation and interactive guidebooks, but also the creation of subject-specific, non-IT based content, such as training in products and soft skills.

The customer

Luzerner Kantonalbank AG (LUKB) of Lucerne in Switzerland is a bank serving private and business customers. It has approximately 1,000 employees. It is an independent company listed on the stock exchange, with 26 offices. LUKB is one of 24 cantonal banks in Switzerland. For years LUKB has pursued a distinctive learning culture and chose tt performance suite from tts for the transfer of IT and subject-specific learning content. In the meantime other cantonal banks have also been working with the e-learning authoring tool.

The challenge

In the past LUKB employees had to look for learning content themselves on the intranet. This was tiresome, time-consuming and not very motivating. In addition the bank’s e-learning authors were looking for an up-to-date, ergonomic software solution for creating content. For example, the guidebook for the banking systems was broken up into small pieces and filed away in many different folders, which made both searching by topic and updates difficult. The complicated route to the right learning content could even demotivate members of the team who were otherwise eager to learn. It was therefore time for a change in the current learning culture, towards simple and fast creation and dissemination of digital learning content.

The project

    The project’s objective from the outset was to deliver timely learning content to the more than 1,000 employees, in order to achieve an optimally smooth transformation. LUKB placed great value on being able to create all of its own content after the implementation phase. This required an intuitive, ergonomic e-learning authoring tool, which the bank found in tt performance suite. The project team consisted of two employees from the further training department, who prepared the implementation in partnership with tts. Functional departments were also organizationally involved in the transformation.


    Thanks to tt performance suite our employees are very comfortable with the new online help. Even those employees who were anxious about using new learning media or who had little experience of them and always preferred classroom training are nowadays happy to learn via e-learning.


    Alex Hess, Training Manager at Luzerner Kantonalbank AG

    The implementation

    Just a few months after the first workshop 700 learning units had already gone online. At the beginning 10 authors were involved; later the authoring community was extended to 25. The training and functional departments have collaborated on the creation of new content in order to ensure that the learning units that are offered meet both content-oriented and didactic requirements.

    The updating of existing content was taken on by the functional department alone. Distribution of learning content proceeded informally: alongside the existing learning management system (LMS) content can be retrieved via the tt performance suite web publisher and is thus available at the precise moment when it is required by employees. Whenever employees need support on a specific topic, they can directly access the relevant learning content via tt performance suite’s context-sensitive QuickAccess. This makes the training processes within the company significantly more efficient.

    The benefits

    Ease of use

    It was of critical importance for LUKB that tt performance suite made it very simple to create new learning content, thereby significantly reducing the demands on e-learning authors’ time. Moreover it proved expedient for LUKB to be able to export the relevant guide books from web based training units (WBTs) without requiring any additional programming or conversions.

    Tailored workplace support

    The new learning culture proved itself above all in the use of tt guide, the electronic performance support component of tt performance suite. This technology navigates employees directly through an IT application. Employees actively learn within the system, and a little more with each operation. Luzerner Kantonalbank has used tt guide with great success in the implementation of Microsoft Office programs and further LUKB-specific applications.

    High level of acceptance

    An employee survey revealed that the new learning culture enjoys a high level of acceptance within the workforce and has even motivated those employees who were previously anxious about using new learning media, or who had little experience of them and always preferred classroom training, to learn online.