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Mobile learning: Produce content for learning on the move

Mobile learning on the iPad brings e-learning to a new level.

Until now, the system environment has meant that e-learning was largely confined to workplace-based media. But mobile learning via the iPad means you can also access educational content in the coffee corner or sitting comfortably on your sofa at home. That means: learning in peace and quiet, without interruptions from colleagues, the telephone or e-mails.

The ability to do training via a mobile touchpad also means you can reach new audiences who were perhaps a bit skeptical about e-learning in the past.

You can prepare iPad content in the usual authoring environment of tt performance suite. That means for authors, it’s business as usual. There’s no new learning curve. You provide your employees with online access to courses and documents. The special feature: Once the courses are downloaded to the iPad, they can be used both online and offline. That's true mobile learning.

Knowledge Nuggets for PC and iPad present an entertaining way to share knowledge.

Content for mobile learning

  • Create interactive product training, enabling you to introduce new products successfully, giving employees the chance to familiarize themselves with the products in advance.
  • Prepare your employees for changes in your organization with tailor-made change management content.
  • Support and reinforce brand awareness with internal communication about your company.
  • Support adherence to regulatory and compliance measures, for example with online assessments.
  • Communicate process knowledge to achieve seamless workflows, eliminating errors.