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New ways to implement Microsoft Office 2013

Give your Office 2013 and Windows 7/8 users the help-software they need to answer questions fast.

With tts Office 2013 Guides tts offers a unique software solution for your Microsoft Office 2013 rollout. tts Guides are short online aids that lead the user directly through original applications to the desired result. This enables the end-user to access Office 2013 and Windows 7/8 support and quickly gain a high degree of confidence when using the software.

Help at the touch of a button: Fast, secure, direct from your workplace

Whether they want to change text formatting, revoke a document’s password protection or adapt the animations in a presentation, tts Guides lead users, in the original application, through questions relating to Microsoft Office 2013 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook 2013) as well as Windows 7/8. Fast, secure, and directly at the workplace.

Quick help: Just two clicks from question to answer

The new software-help is comparable to a navigation system that leads the user directly through the relevant application to his or her objective:

  • The appropriate Microsoft Office 2013 Guides are displayed with the first click on the Guide icon in the taskbar. With the search box you can also narrow down the range of displayed Guides.
  • The appropriate Guide (for example, “Word 2013 – insert text field in a diagram“) is started with a second click on the list of hits. The guide now leads the user reliably through the application to the desired objective.

The advantages of tts Office 2013 Guides at a glance

Project management

  • Significant reduction in implementation costs through integrated help at the workplace
  • Effective avoidance of employees’ initial productivity losses
  • Rapid software implementation and application security


  • Enhanced operational certainty brings greater user satisfaction, confidence and acceptance of the new software
  • Quick help – just two clicks from question to answer
  • Reduced individual learning time


  • No need to answer repeat questions
  • Reduced number of “How do I …?” calls