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Orona - Realization of a Management and Knowledge Transfer Model

tts Partner Entelgy, a consultancy specializing in change management and training, has successfully implemented a management and knowledge transfer model at Orona, the Spanish manufacturer of elevators and escalators. It deployed the tts software solutions tt knowledge force and tt guide.

The customer

Orona’s core business is the development, manufacture, installation, maintenance and modernization of elevators, ramps and moving walkways.

As a result of an internationalization process and global transition Orona has undergone a strong inorganic growth in an increasingly complex environment. The changes have had a particularly strong impact on processes, systems and organization.

As far as the affected IT systems are concerned, the company requires maximum operational availability from Orona Suite, a comprehensive corporate-wide system and Orona Secure Cloud, the data processing infrastructure.

The essential objectives

  • Users of the new processes to become sustainably and bindingly productive in the shortest possible time.
  • Increase users’ autonomy while minimizing support after the go-live.

  • Retain knowledge in the organization.

The challenges

  • 1,500 users in more than 15 business divisions, geographically spread across nine countries.

  • Dealing with personnel changes during the go-live and afterwards.

  • A system with constantly updated live applications.

  • Progressive deployment.

  • Localization in three languages.

The project

  • Implementation of an e-learning environment.
  • Training before go-live and subsequent support.
  • Two areas with different characteristics:

    PUSH approach before the go-live: controlled model with personalized profiles, structured and monitored, with a variety of content.

    PULL approach after go-live: A quick-access model with easy handling, one that can rapidly answer concrete questions from a variety of user-types.

With the new system we are achieving greater productivity and efficiency from our employees, and with the blended learning approach to training we have achieved savings of 30% compared with classroom training. We are also trying to raise user autonomy and to drive up in-house knowledge within our organization, with more than 60 hours of learning content in more than 187 individual lessons.


Juan Carlos Insausti, Manager with responsibility for developing Orona’s ICT

The technical solution

Components of tt performance suite:

  • tt knowledge force: enables a collaborative development of the e-learning training units as well as sustainable localization and prompt maintenance.  

  • tt guide: enables the creation of guidelines for precise responses to user questions.

  • QuickAccess: enables context-specific access to information stored in the knowledge database.

Moodle was chosen as the Learning Management System (LMS). It offers controlled and monitored access to the various training programs in advance of the applications go-live.

The benefits

Making users productive, efficiently

  • Users work with critical processes from the outset.
  • No coaching sessions necessary.
  • Cost savings of 30% compared with classroom training.
  • Internal customers were clearly satisfied.

Increasing users’ autonomy

  • Deployment of the PULL approach resulted in a reduction in the number of incidents by 35%.
  • Better provisioning of functions than in the previous systems.
  • Larger and heterogeneous group.
  • Extensive usage of the content stored in the knowledge database, with more than 100 documents consulted per week.
  • On average 20 variations of the 45 published guidelines per week.

Retaining knowledge within the organization

  • More than 155 hours training content in 187 lessons, 165 certification units, six FAQ documents and 19 case studies.
  • Full context-specific and topical access to the catalog items.
  • Multi-lingual capability (English and French) probably as of 2016.