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SAP implementation in 235 Spanish branches of General Óptica

How the Spanish chain of ophthalmic and dispensing opticians made more than 1,600 employees in 235 stores ready for its SAP implementation.

The customer

General Óptica is a leading optician in Spain, with a market share of 12%. It also has a growing presence in the Portuguese market. The company currently has 1,600 employees, whose daily concern is to offer customers the best solutions not only for correcting weak eyesight but also for rectifying hearing difficulties.

The company achieves its high quality of service through constant vocational training of its workforce and continuous investment in new technology. In total, the company runs more than 210 of its own branch outlets and 38 franchises, which are coordinated from the Barcelona headquarters.

The challenge

General Óptica implemented SAP across the entire Group. Because of the wide geographical distribution of the company’s branch outlets, the focus of attention in this project lay precisely in providing learning content for these outlets, and the difficulties that this presented for training.

The biggest challenge was to summarize all of the available documents for a multitude of SAP modules in just one package that would communicate useful knowledge to the user in a simple and concise way, regardless of the user’s location. In total, General Óptica created 600 handbooks and e-learning simulations.

The solution

The first step was to present the document structure to the end user in a way that was efficient and easy to understand. The company also decided to create the documentation in alignment with its processes, as opposed to its functional departments. This facilitates communication about general topics that cross functional boundaries. General Óptica entrusted content creation to the most important end users from the individual departments impacted by the project. The reason for this was simple: these people are most familiar with both the subject matter and the target groups.

Following content creation, General Óptica drew up a training schedule tailored to the individual needs of each employee according to his role in the company. In a first phase of presence training (in which the trainers already used the tts solution), each employee received his own personal training calendar, allowing him to work through all of the training exercises independently, with the help of tts. Management monitored progress to ensure that all employees completed the entire training program satisfactorily and in good time for the SAP implementation.

“The complexity of the SAP solution and the broad geographical distribution of our staff made intensive and efficient knowledge acquisition a must. tt knowledge force made this possible. tt knowledge force allowed users to meet their individual needs for knowledge acquisition and freed us from traditional handbooks, replacing them with an interactive learning environment that was very intuitive to use and very easy to update.

We are entirely satisfied with the result: tt knowledge force fulfilled all of our expectations. Our staff were very receptive to this solution, which helped them to execute the implementation project successfully, on time and within budget.”


Eulalia Brucart, System Manager at General Óptica

The implementation

With the introduction of tt knowledge Force und the determination on the structure of the interactive training manuals the company trained all end users at HQ, together with employees from the first three branches (200 people in total). Afterwards General Óptica trained two groups of training leaders (a total of 32 people) who then took care of training in 235 branches, one step at a time. As a next step, these leaders trained all the remaining employees (around 1,600 branch employees).

In order to reach this target, the trainers used tt knowledge force:

  • Creation of user manuals and interactive e-learning modules
  • Translation of the generated content (into other languages)
  • Structuring of training content into courses adapted to the individual needs of end users, based on their roles in the company
  • Organization of content in a tree structure
  • Publishing of courses and their content on the internet portal, giving end users direct access from their own workplaces
  • Enabling direct access to information content from within the SAP environment with the help of a context-sensitive online help function

The benefits

Deployment of tt knowledge force made possible a significant reduction in the time needed for training, not just with regard to courseware creation but above all with regard to the training of employees in the branches. Thanks to tt knowledge force, the company needed fewer trainers than would otherwise have been the case, and saved on their travel expenses.