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SAP Talent Management and SAP Learning Solution

Nowadays a talent management strategy must be firmly based on a well-engineered system platform. The most important data residing in this system includes all available personnel data, such as organizational relationships and assignments, the jobs catalog and so on.

The SAP Human Capital Management solution is therefore our “bread and butter” and in particular the SAP Talent Management Suite, which supports the entire employee development cycle from recruitment through performance management and compensation management to talent assessment and career and succession planning.

The basic purpose of the SAP Talent Management Suite is to align recruitment campaigns and activities, personnel development instruments, further education opportunities and content with the organization’s business processes and objectives. This is achieved through a centrally managed, enterprise-wide platform. Of course, if your existing processes are inadequate or faulty, integration may also prove to be a stumbling block.

But one thing is certain: interface-independent access to the personnel database (usually SAP HCM) for all sub-processes presents a definite advantage. Right at the very start of your project, we would normally establish to what extent your sub-processes can (and should) be integrated. Above all, we discuss skills and competence management with you, comparing it with various best practices.

Last but not least the SAP Learning Solution plays an important role here: in its function as a learning management system it serves to describe talent management development activities, together with the appropriately drafted training courses (presence training, e-learning, blended learning). It also enables you to administer content (documents, web-based training and so on).

Guiding you to success with SAP’s HR management solution: Human Capital Management

  • Begins with process design
  • Continues with consultancy and evaluation, project management, customization and change management
  • Plus any software-related system adjustments
  • Through to user training

Other key features of our SAP HCM product portfolio

  • SAP HCM talent management strategies
  • Process and functional analyses
  • Application management
  • Project and program management