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The 7 Deadly Sins of IT Training

It’s a sobering statistic that nearly 70% of IT projects fail in some way, such as late delivery, incomplete functionality or budget overrun. This especially matters for Training Managers: they are challenged to deliver a successful end-user training project, while the corresponding IT project is beset with problems of its own. By Nigel Warren, Solution Consultant at tts Knowledge Solutions Ltd., London.

Such failures are seldom the fault of technology; the reasons are more likely to be unrealistic expectations, poor project management, conflicts between suppliers or a failure to sufficiently engage the employees and managers involved.

Could this become your problem?

If you’re still reading this article, I assume that I’ve struck a chord. You’re probably in a training leadership or delivery role and recognise that an IT project failure could easily become your problem. Having to deliver a successful training pro-gram for an IT project that is running late and on the wobble is like the so-called “hospital pass” in football: you have no choice but to go for the ball but you are likely to get hurt!

Although the causes of IT project failure are predictable, we see the same mistakes time and again. It is similarly predictable that the associated IT training projects are compromised by project over-run and scope-creep. So what are the tripwires you should look out for? And more importantly, how can you avoid them? Here are my Seven Deadly Sins of IT Training. I should add that this is a personal view, you may have other suggestions to add to this short list. Also, apologies to any-one who was hoping for more on lust or gluttony!