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tt performance suite product brochure

The new tt performance suite product brochure is now available. On 24 pages you will find all relevant information about our all-in-one solution for your corporate training offers. You can download the PDF brochure here.

tt performance suite comes with userfriendly, highly intuitive authoring tools that make light work of creating learning content of impeccable quality. But that's not all: It also supports a huge range of formats such as click helps or web-based training.

The resulting documents are not only available to users centrally via a Learning Content Management System (tt knowledge force), but also decentralized and accessible at all times during the work process in the form of Performance Support (with tt guide).

While both components in tt performance suite can be implemented separately, you obviously get more "bang for your IT buck" when used together. You can choose between the Quickstart Edition or the Professional Edition.