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Venlo city council chooses tt guide to support employees in their day-to-day work procedures

Venlo city council realized that a structural change of a process could only be achieved through active guidance of employees in the workplace. That is why tt guide was selected to support the new digital decision making processes. This resulted in high satisfaction and self-sufficiency, low training costs and decreased pressure on the support desk.

The customer

Venlo city council, with a population of over 100,000 residents, is the largest municipality in North Limburg and is the second largest in the Dutch province of Limburg.

Venlo city council is a modern, ambitious organization in full development and improving its services to its residents. This development focuses on improving executive and civil management, operating more customer-focused, working more integral and giving more space and responsibilities to its staff. Additionally, solutions are formulated to the challenges of far-reaching digitalization, regionalization, decentralizations, continuous demands for efficiency and efficacy and the demands of a new generation of employees and citizens.

The challenge

The introduction of a new case system was necessary to comply with goals in relation to the speed in which residents’ questions can be processed. At every moment, it should be possible to view the progress of the process in which a case is being handled.

Digital decision making is new for the organization. Through the case system, decisions are being presented to the management team and cabinet. This should be user friendly, easy in use and match the systems already in use. If that is not the case, people will soon use alternative solutions or revert to old known ways of working. That is exactly what Venlo city council wants to prevent. Everyone should work with the same system for digital decision making to be able to achieve the expected results. 

Within Venlo city council we have been very busy with the introduction of digital decision making. tt guide appears to be a great tool to familiarize users with this complete new way of working.


John van den Hout, Project Manager

The solution

For guidance during the digital decision making process, instructions were needed that could help users further, directly during the process and at every desired moment. To achieve this, Venlo city council selected tt guide.

After a short implementation of tt guide, Venlo city council was able to develop these instructions, called guides, themselves. They now guide the user step by step through the process in the system. These instructions are self-explanatory and directing, so that the user should not be able to make any mistakes.

The guides are offered context sensitive. This way the user will not need to search for instructions. Within seconds and a maximum of two mouse clicks, the right instructions are available. This saves a lot of time.

In August 2016 the new city hall took up use. In this fantastic, new, flexible work environment, we are also introducing digital decision making, using new software. tt guide delivers a substantial contribution to the implementation of the new systems.


Peter Paul Duijf, Trainer

The implementation

Largely due to its simplicity in use for employees and the speed in which instructions can be built, Venlo city council selected tt guide. After a quick and simple technical implementation, a team of four council staff were trained by tts to develop the guides. Subsequently, this team developed all necessary instructions in a very short period of time achieving the set expectations.

The benefits

  • High satisfaction and self-sufficiency
  • Substantial time savings
  • Independent troubleshooting

Venlo city council is particularly pleased about the enthusiasm with which the users have responded to this new way of support in the workplace and the speed in which the instructions were developed.

This substantially saves development time and time that users would otherwise need to be trained in the classroom. Additionally, there has been a noticeable reduction in questions at the support desk because users have a higher self-sufficiency now that they use the guides whenever they are stuck.