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Wasa Kredit boosts process competence through tt performance suite

Wasa Kredit uses tt performance suite for all user documentation and visualization of business processes. This enables Wasa Kredits’ employees to solve a task in a fast, simple and correct way.

The customer

Wasa Kredit AB is a Swedish financial services company based in Stockholm with around 280 employees. Since May 20, 1998 Wasa Kredit has been operating as a subsidiary of Länsförsäkringar Bank AB. The company offers financial services for the leasing of cars, computers, and appliances. It also provides hire purchase and personal loans. Wasa Kredit has been actively working with training and performance support for some time, and with the help of tt performance suite, the company has improved significantly in both areas.

The challenge

The challenges before the introduction of tt performance suite were:

  • Long case management times
  • Dependency on a small number of employees' skills
  • Difficulties in working across unit boundaries
  • Difficulties in implementing changes such as moving work across units
  • Non-standard approaches

The project

Wasa Kredit has built effective process management, surrounding the mapping of processes and user documentation. This is seen as a key to the organization’s continued success. tt performance suite helps Wasa Kredit to bring together everything from process owners, process managers and employees. tt performance suite is now used for all user documentation and the visualization of business processes from levels 1-6.  

  • Resolution of change
  • Revising the business process
  • Revising user documentation
  • Creating content
  • Distributing educational materials
  • Providing performance support to users after go-live

Before the implementation of tt performance suite we needed 10-15 minutes to decide how a particular question relating to a business process would be resolved. Nowadays, it takes about one minute. Our goal is to reduce this further to no more than 30 seconds. tt performance suite has proved invaluable to achieve this improved performance.


Kent Karlsson, Business Development Manager, at Wasa Kredit AB

The implementation

Peritum AB has supported Wasa Kredit within the implementation process, structuring and developing concepts. Wasa Kredit already had processes at levels 4-5 recorded, covering about 600 procedures and 400 instructions. They decided to add more than 600 routines in tt performance suite as documents without simulations and chose to create new documents with simulations for the 400 instructions.

Wasa Kredit’s next step was to develop a tt performance suite template, transfer all 600 routines to the new template and import a concept directory, so that employees have a common high level of understanding of the concepts behind the routines and processes. This is making it possible for Wasa Kredit to serve the customer in a consistent manner – a clear benefit for the customer as well as the company.

The benefits

  • More efficient work processes
  • Faster help on requests
  • Satisfied customers and employees

With tt performance suite and help from Peritum AB Wasa Kredit has improved the efficiency of its work processes so that customers receive help faster and with greater efficiency. Previously, it took a long time to find the right information, which had significant negative impact on time usage. tt performance suite has made work processes more efficient: it is now easy for employees to find the right content and documents to facilitate their work. This in turn has led to greater customer satisfaction. Employees find tt performance suite very easy to use and an invaluable source of performance support in their daily work.

Moreover, well-informed and supported employees make organizations more compliant with their standard processes. With effective performance support and well-documented work process, Wasa Kredit can handle more cases in less time. In short: learning business processes at the employee’s workplace and at the moment of need improves the business through faster case management, while raising employee and customer satisfaction.