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Winery Torres creates 850 web-based training units in just two months

Old wine in new bottles it isn’t – how the globally active winery Torres prepared its 350 employees for a new SAP implementation with innovative training methods.

The customer

The name Torres stands for top quality wine in more than 130 countries worldwide. The wine is produced at three international sites: its headquarters in Villafranca del Penedès in Catalonia, in Chile and in California. It has additional subsidiaries in Great Britain, Sweden, China, India, and the Philippines. The company was founded by the brothers Jaime and Miguel Torres-Vendrell in 1870 and remains family-owned, now with some 1,000 hectares of vineyards.

It is also one of the most modern wineries in the world. The Torres Bodega’s international reputation is based on its joy in experimentation and innovation, exceptional approaches to wine production, stringent quality controls and sophisticated marketing strategies.

The challenge

Torres planned the introduction of an SAP R/3 ERP system with the finance, logistics, sales and production modules. Torres documentation authors had to create e-learnings and documentation to prepare around 350 employees for the new system step-by-step with multileveled training modules. The challenge for tts was to bring the authors rapidly up to speed both in terms of technical management as well as conceptual planning of the multi-leveled training modules.

“tt knowledge force is an efficient and easy-to-use authoring solution. Some of its functions, and in particular the re-recording function, which enables fast updates or translation of already created content into another language, differentiate tt knowledge force from other authoring tools on the market. A further major plus point for us is that tt knowledge force is not only applicable in the SAP environment. Thus our training department is now also creating materials and documentation for other applications and software environments in use at Torres.”


Miquel Miró, Manager of Administration and Systems

The solution

Torres decided to rely on employee training with e-learning to prepare end users step by step for the introduction of the new SAP system. Using tt knowledge force, 15 or so Torres documentation authors created web-based trainings (WBT) and handbooks, which were made available to colleagues via the company intranet long before the system go-live.

Because the authoring tool could update content very time and cost-effectively with its in-built re-recording function, the processes and transactions could be documented five months before the go-live. Whenever process updates were implemented, all the authors had to do was to run the unique re-recording function of tt knowledge force: the current recording simply runs through the updated software system, identifying any changes. It then updates the recording automatically.

The implementation

tts trainers trained 15 or so documentation authors for three days in the technical and functional usage of the authoring software tt knowledge force. These authors subsequently created 850 WBTs together with documentation for the finance, logistics, sales and production modules within just two months. tts further supported the Torres authors with the conceptual development of the end-user training.

First, the employees were given a short presence training, to make them familiar with SAP and with e-learning as knowledge transfer, thereby five months before the cross-over to the SAP system, the end-users already had their first impression of the process workflows in the new system: a simulation in video mode depicted them vividly, one by one. Two months later the employees ran through the same simulation in interactive mode, i.e. the end users interacted with the simulation and implemented the processes step by step, according to instructions.

In a third stage the simulation mode was changed once more: this time the end users had to run through the same simulation but received just a few instructions, having to work through the process stages more or less unaided.

The benefits

The gradual induction of the end users in the new system over a period of five months meant they were optimally prepared for the changeover. The WBTs were embedded in the Torres organization as compulsory trainings, but on the other hand the employees were free to train themselves in their own time, according to their own schedules. The rich functionality of tt knowledge force enabled rapid content creation – well in advance of the actual system go live.

It’s also worth mentioning a further advantage of tt knowledge force: the tool can be used not only in the SAP environment but also for other software. Since the SAP go-live, Torres has used tt knowledge force to document other IT applications.

E-learning production

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