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Press Release 27. March 2018

Blended learning concept of Raiffeisen Switzerland wins WiT Award 2018

10. Prestigious WiT Award goes to Raiffeisen Switzerland for an innovative, sustainable learning model with focus on agile and digital

Heidelberg (Germany), 26th of March 2018: Raiffeisen, the third largest banking group in Switzerland, was awarded the important WiT ("WiT- "Knowledge in Transfer") Award last week for their change management approach in the context of implementing a new core banking system.

This year’s expert conference at Heidelberg's Print Media Academy was all about the imperative to become more "agile" and "digital".

Leading industry and service organizations such as Hugo Boss, Deutsche Bahn or Continental presented innovative solutions for learning strategies and HR processes in the age of digitization.

When it comes to digitization projects, there is no such thing as a standard approach for employee qualification. The exceptional challenge for Raiffeisen Switzerland was to qualify some 10.000 employees towards competent use of a completely new core banking system - and that within a very short period as well as in three languages: German, French and Italian.

Raiffeisen weathered this challenge not just with one single but with a full spectrum of carefully coordinated measures by applying the 70/20/10 principle. This was emphasized by Yolanda Amiet - who had been responsible for the didactical concept and overall project delievery.

Qualification was predominantly delievered through e-learnings, performance support and intense involvement of key users.

For the digital content production and delivery, Raiffeisen Switzerland selected tt performance suite. The application allowed efficient content production as well as fully contextual content delivery in the "moment of need", thus allowing savings in IT support as well as improvements in user adoption. The application delivers information for employees that is tailored precisely to their individual working context - context being defined as role, application and process.

Project Lead Kathrin Berger-Suter, who accepted the popular award for Raiffeisen Switzerland, noted that "the combination of an innovative concept, a passionate team together with the solid technical backbone of tt performance suite had made this success possible." Jun Udagawa, Learning Manager at tts and presenter of the award added that Raiffeisen Switzerland not only created a qualification program with long-sighted and goal oriented content, but also took a big step towards digitization. She highlighted: "Raiffeisen Switzerland has 255 individual, legally independent and cooperatively organized banks. The fact that a group with a structure like this choses to implement a cloud solution proves that the digital change in the banking sector indeed can be successfully managed."


About WiT Award

The WiT Award has been established 10 years ago and honors exceptional and successfully implemented knowledge transfer projects. Past winners were renown companies such as BMW, Lidl or AXA Winterthur. 2017 winner Wacker Chemie presented a performance support soluion for sales which later was awarded the Brandon Hall Award. 


About tts

tts is a leading and innovative provider of learning technology. tts supports its customers in transforming knowledge into workplace performance. The portfolio includes the tts software tt performance suite (e-learning authoring & documentation plus performance support). The tts HQ is located in Heidelberg, Germany. In addition, tts has offices in eleven cities throughout Europe as well as in North America. Find out more on

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