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Press Release 06. July 2018

tt performance suite: Discover the new features

Creating, distributing, and administrating learning and performance support content made easy

ttps Analytics Dashboard is fully integrated into the Web Publisher

The new 2018 release is all about holistic performance support. A Highlight clearly is the “ttps Analytics Dashboard” which will help you to coordinate and optimize your activities around performance support more effective than ever before! Find out how other new features make the creation and distribution of content more flexible when using the tts single sourcing approach.

ttps Analytics Dashboard

Understanding user behavior is important if you seek to optimize your learning and Performance Support portfolio in order to better target your employees’ individual needs. Facts around user behavior help you to make more profound and sustainable decisions about what to offer when and where. To make your life easier, tts included the ttps Analytics Dashboard into ttps 2018. It is an intuitive, easy-to-use setup that makes sure that all stakeholders benefit. Whether it be your internal academy, learning and development professionals, authors or managers, use the new dashboard to figure out where additional learning content is required and close quality gaps in one go. The new feature was developed to make decisions in a more agile and much quicker way and bring your support resources to where they are needed most.

ttps Analytics Dashboard is fully integrated into the Web Publisher. Features were developed from a user’s perspective combined with our experience from innumerous Performance Support projects and come with pre-set relevant KPIs for your daily work.

A picture says more than a thousand words! Are you tired of going through endless pages of numbers and spending hours trying to make sense of them? Use ttps Analytics Dashboard instead to create meaningful statistics in seconds. Find out about users’ behavior at a glance: Is eLearning more popular than step-by-step guides? What keywords are regularly searched for and is there a lack of understanding in certain areas? Are there searches in your system that lead to nowhere and should you provide content there?

Activate ttps Analytics Dashboard now to sustain and improve your employees’ performance by providing precisely the knowledge they need! 

Content creation and distribution

You are an author of learning content and like the idea of Single Sourcing Authoring to create just one document and effortlessly exporting it to other formats? You figured out that eLearning/simulations and Step by Step Guides require a totally different didactic design. With Release 2018 it is possible to specify which formats are to be created for each and every step. With this enhancement of Single Sourcing, authors can save time and resources and nevertheless respond more effectively to employees’ needs.

You are most likely to serve user’s „moment of need” by distributing content on Performance Support channels such as QuickAccess. Still, you may wish to hide certain content when using QuickAccess. – For example if a content is exclusively meant for use in the LMS. The release 2018 allows hiding content from QuickAccess by expanding the concept of Performance Support Categories, giving customers the opportunity to explicitly hide certain Performance Support Categories and their respective assigned content and structures.

More innovations at a glance

  • Even quicker and easier-to-use: Updated designs for Web Publisher portal and QuickAccess
  • Automatic process imports from third party systems
  • Get customized functions with expanded SmartComponent-API
  • Increased systems safety, stability and usability
  • Easier integration of SSO technologies

Already excited? The features mentioned above are only some of many additional functionalities. Find out how your organization can benefit from the summer Release 2018 and talk to us today!

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tts GmbH
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