Press Release 29. May 2019

tts partnership with Pandexio

A new era in performance support by delivering evidence-based insights to the point of work

Heidelberg, Germany tts, provider of the leading Electronic Performance Support Solution tt performance suite announced today the partnership with Pandexio the world’s leading authority on curating and sharing insights within communities. The partnership comes at a moment when agility, digitization and the concepts of New Work expect companies to step up regarding employee engagement and self-service in order to achieve their ambitious transformation targets.

Pandexio enables employees to ‘curate’ and share their insights from content they consume by capturing them in a digital, evidence-based way.  The partnership with tts enables these insights to be precisely delivered as on-demand knowledge via the tts platform, inside business applications employees use daily.

“Exemplary performers tend to be unconsciously competent” says Paul Elliott, President of Exemplary Performance.  “By tapping into the stream of insights they generate, collect or consume for their own use, Pandexio has found a brilliant way to tap into the knowledge, thinking and wisdom of exemplary performers.  This is exactly the type of accelerated knowledge-sharing we need to drive higher performance.”

Pandexio has won numerous industry awards for enabling knowledge workers to make better use of content, and their own knowledge, by saving and sharing their insights digitally.  These insights reflect the knowledge worker’s critical thinking about bits of content they have identified as relevant – what it means, how it informs actions, decisions, innovation and problem-solving.  Pandexio recognized a productivity gap between the plethora of available content and lack of employee actions that could/should be taken as a result of consuming that content.  The Pandexio system was designed to close this gap in knowledge worker productivity.

tt performance suite on the other side is seen as the “5 moments of need dream come true” with around 6 million corporate learners in leading corporations using the technology and Brendon Hall awarding it the gold award for “best advances in performance support”.

“We have always been committed to delivering the most relevant content to the point of need – irrespective of format and origin,” says Hermann Ude, Executive Director of tts. “Our partnership with Pandexio will enable us to take this to the next level by adding the option to deliver evidence-based insights precisely into the working context of employees in the moment of need and apply”

“Knowledge-sharing has historically been a laborious, time-consuming, content-based research and reading exercise,” says Bob Danna, Executive Chairman of Pandexio.  “Between Pandexio accelerating this to Twitter-speed and tts piping the insights straight into knowledge worker context and workflow, we see this as the ultimate solution for supporting both the adoption of digital technologies and results/performance we realize from the knowledge workers who use the digital technologies.”

About Pandexio

Pandexio technology allows the curation and sharing of insights employees from information.  Employees form insights daily as they consume content, learn and critically think about how to use and apply it.  Pandexio picks up where content leaves off by enabling the digital capture of these insights at the time and place of formation, so employees operate and share at the insight level.  Pandexio is a SaaS platform with a robust set of APIs for workflow integration. The company is located in …. Our patented technology innovations make it easy for employees to convert content to insights in a lightweight, evidence-based way.

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About tts

tts is a leading provider of Performance Support Technology. The tt performance suite supports around 6 million ‘corporate learners’ in leading companies worldwide in their transformation to digital knowledge generative and – curating workplaces. tt performance suite enables users of IT applications to learn and work fast and context-sensitive. And generate savings in formal training and helpdesk/support. The company employs 320 professionals and is working from 13 locations throughout Europe and North America with headquarters in Heidelberg, Germany.

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