Press Release 17. January 2019

tts provides help in a “moment of need”

Customers voted to decide how the sum should be split between the three worthy causes supported by the tts Christmas Campaign 2018.


Same as last year, tts decided to forgo Christmas gifts in 2018 and donate the money to three good causes instead – Doctors Without Borders, Kiron Open Higher Education, and Plan International. All three organizations are customers of tts, which means they benefit in two respects – in terms of professional advice, performance support and corporate learning materials, but also from this desperately needed funding for existing and future projects.
It was entirely up to tts customers to decide who got how much by voting for their favorite of the three causes on a special web page set up for the purpose. 

Genuine help in a “moment of need”:

  • Doctors Without Borders provides independent emergency medical aid all over the world to people with no access to basic medical provision due to conflicts, crises or natural disasters. Part of the money donated by tts will be used to help provide more than ten million outpatient treatments.           
  • Kiron Open Higher Education is a charitable education platform that provides refugees with access to higher education. This unique facility acts as a gateway to high-quality online courses, clearly structured curricula and a dedicated support community. Kiron is investing the money donated by tts in expanding the support program for currently 3,500 students.                                                       
  • Plan International is an independent aid agency that helps children across the globe escape poverty, violence and injustice. The Christmas donation from tts is being channeled into a project that focuses heavily on the education sector, called “Rwanda – good education right from the start”. The project emerged from the organization’s keen desire to play a part in ensuring children receive high-quality education from a very young age.

tts is delighted that so many people voted in the poll, and hopes it can make a real difference with its support for all three of these organizations – and thus make a lasting contribution to society. The company therefore sincerely thanks both its customers for their enthusiastic involvement and the non-profit organizations Doctors Without Borders, Plan International and Kiron Open Higher Education for their fantastic cooperation.

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