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Learning culture – how to start (and never stop)
Missed the webinar?

You missed the webinar " Learning culture – how to start (and never stop)" or would like to pass on the exciting news to your employees? Then please have a look at our recording or forward the link.

Business and work have changed. Teams and leadership create value differently now. Our understanding of ‘learning’ needs to reflect and accelerate these shifts. This issue and the whole idea of ‘learning cultures’ will be part of the discussion during this webinar.

The concept of learning cultures and learning organizations is not new. It has drifted in and out of fashion for more than 30 years. We will be exploring why the current disruption in work, leadership and employee expectations brought about by the digital era makes learning organizations now the only sustainable option.

Learning culture – how to start (and never stop)

Paul Jocelyn, Professional Training & Coaching Director, Jocelyn Consulting Ltd.
Paul Jocelyn
Professional Training & Coaching Director
Jocelyn Consulting Ltd.

Pascal Guderian, tts GmbH
Pascal Guderian
Senior Product Manager
tts GmbH


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