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tt performance suite - Equipped for every application

If you want to produce high quality e-learning and interactive IT simulations at the press of a button or if you’d like fellow employees to be able to navigate through business processes in complete confidence. Whatever the case, tt performance suite uniquely combines web-based training, documentation, online help and performance support. Rely on integrated learning systems from tts and say goodbye to a whole bunch of standalone tools.

The facts at a glance
    • E-learning production and distribution
    • IT documentation at the push of a button
    • Integrated performance support
    • On-premise or as Cloud-based service
    • More than 500 customers in over 20 countries
    • More than 6,000 authors
    • More than 5,000,000 users
tt performance suite
IT Documentation

IT Documentation

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E-Learning Production

E-Learning Production

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Performance Support

Performance Support

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The Digital Colleague - Performance Support

Helping co-workers in their “moment of need” with performance support.

You pick up 70% of knowledge at the workplace, 20% via social learning and just 10% via formal learning and training. For this reason, many companies have said goodbye to “learning ahead” and stockpiling knowledge. Instead, they are relying on “learning on demand” and performance support.

To make the transition they need high-performance software that makes context and role-based information available at the exact moment when it is required: the “moment of need”, when knowledge is applied directly within the work process. This is like asking your colleagues for advice, but in electronic form.

Download the Whitepaper "The Digital Colleague - Performance Support"