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Lassen Sie sich beraten: Sie erreichen uns persönlich von Montag bis Freitag zwischen 8.00 und 17.00 Uhr.

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HR & Talent Management by tts

Business Support & Application Management

IT infrastructures with highly complex features and processes are useless unless they excel in day to day operation. Our experts in Business Support & Application Management make this happen: They know how to provide first class systems support and to master any challenges that may arise in the course of your project. That expertise ensures that your systems deal with complexity – not your users.  

Your business support is in good hands with tts. Our experts help you designing an infrastructure that matches your processes and take care of organizational and administrative issues. We know how important effective support and change management structures are – This is why we offer setting up new support structures as well as improving existing structures.

We support you in these challenges

Incident and problem management: Anticipate what’s ahead

Dysfunctional IT systems are annoying and keep your employees from making the most out of the tools you provide for them. Whenever IT related problems occur, tts consultants are on the spot for troubleshooting and bug fixing of SAP interfaces and other integrated systems. We are the single point of contact for those who work on incoming tickets. We take a closer look at recurring problems and find ways to solve those once and for all. You can count on tts for Change Request handling as well as developing individual service level agreements (SLAs).   

Business support: User satisfaction and acceptance are key to success!

IT applications are just as good as the support structures they are embedded in. A high performing support must consider the users’ needs. Unhappy and dissatisfied Key Users or System Architects are unlikely to accept and successfully use IT applications. Shape your support structures in a way that invites users to work with the application. How? Make it easy to work with and get your support in line for a sustainable user experience. tts Business Support helps you doing just that by:  

  • Providing Key User Support in day to day business 
  • Defining change requests and testing 
  • Coaching users 

Enhancement Requests: See the bigger picture

Requirements might exceed your system’s capacities at some point. In that case you must build a solution that goes beyond system standards. How? By integrating SAP’s Professional Services, planning a Customer Development Project with SAP or by developing a tailor-made application. The latter could be an application based on the HANA Cloud Platform developed by tts. We help you to leave system standards behind and see the bigger picture – No matter if you look for assistance in creating documentation, in finding a mediator between your company and SAP or looking for an adequate testing concept to approve system adjustments. 

Release Management: Always up to date

Our consultants are always on top of the game when it comes to developments in system maintenance, functions, system patches and upgrades. Benefit from that state of the art knowledge first hand! We provide preselected information that addresses your modules and solutions only. You think about jumping on the opportunity to implement an innovative technology but are unsure if it will pay off? Get a detailed risk analysis from tts including cost estimation for optional features. Ready to go for it? We take care of final steps like documentation and concept approval and, of course, all preparations needed for going live and deployment. 

Change Request Management: Always ready to go

You can rely on us for strategic, conceptual and technical consulting as well as for implementing Human Capital and Talent Management processes as well as for systems support. tts is your full-service partner. Anyone of our consultants is capable of smaller system changes on the spot and of planning bigger changes with you in the long term. Our experts are your single point of contact for analyzing and evaluating changes as well as for coordination, design, implementation and documentation.  

We put high emphasis on providing Application Managers who are easily reachable and always ready to go. What does that mean for you? Easy and fast access to technical as well as business related expertise.

Business Process Outsourcing

You prefer to concentrate on your core competencies but want to be sure that your IT Support or SAP HCM applications are well cared for? tts is your reliable partner when it comes to technical maintenance and Application Management. You are in need of a professionally organized user helpdesk support technicians that answer all your users’ questions on SAP ERP HCM? May it be partial outsourcing or delegating all of your support functions – Choose tts to make more time for what matters the most.  

Whatever level of service you choose – You decide on the extent to which you would like to outsource. We take over your support on-site or recruit support experts for you. By setting up service level agreements with you we make sure to provide just what you need – Including scope of service, reaction time and depth of service. It is our mission to provide full transparency and measurability. 

Our services: 

  • Delivery concept, module development and application support for SAP Human Capital Management 
  • Transition project management 
  • Deployment

Change Management and Training: Traditionally competent

When working on projects for you, we always keep in mind what your ideal solution should look like in the end. Transition projects are always a challenge, but we know how to keep your key users motivated and how to get keep them committed. tts has been working in Change Management projects from day one of its company history. Benefit from 20 years of experience! Our teams, consisting of consultants and trainers, support you right from the start of a change management project by developing a goal-oriented planning and strategy with you. tts is by your side on every step of the way. Utilize our knowhow to get where you want to be. 

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