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technology and innovation by tts

tts makes your (work) life easier

You cannot stop worrying about the sheer quantity of data and its complexity in your company? You would like to or even have to move your data to the cloud but you do just do not know how? Or do you still count on an on-premise solution which needs customizing and extensions?

Cloud Transformation is a big topic. We help you making it less complex and more transparent!

  • Whether you consider a standard solution or a best practice approach: We evaluate and analyze your options – You decide what you go for
  • We help you building a more structured systems architecture which enables you to see clearly again
  • We provide high quality software plus coaching to make and keep data migration as easy as possible – No matter if you choose a cloud or on-premise solution

Software developed by tts – As individual as you are

Your requirements are our priority. This is why we start with an extensive requirements analysis.

  • Our consultants understand IT and HR experts alike, which avoids friction losses in your project
  • We develop software that helps you moving forward
  • Be more confident on what has been developed. Make sure you are well prepared by testing with prototypes developed by tts
  • Utilize our IT expertise in SAP Cloud Platform, Cloud Foundry, JAVA, CI, CD, NodeJS, SAPUI5, HTML5 and many more for your project!

Perfect fit: Our software features are tailored to your needs

SaaS led to standardization of your processes? Your processes and needs are not any different to those of your competitors? You cannot help but hear a loud „NO“ in your head now? The purpose of our services is to develop individual solutions and make sure they are a 100% fit for your specific requirements.  

Starting with Value Prototyping, we develop an efficient and agile strategy to erase your system’s weak points  

tts is always on the cutting edge of latest trends. Consequently, we are able to develop language and platform independent solutions that help you achieving lasting competitive advantage. 

Coaching and enablement for your IT team

DevOps? 12 factor App? CI/CD pipeline? We know exactly what your IT department is dealing with on a daily basis. We are your IT team’s companion for transformation and custom cloud development.  

What does that mean for you? 

Your IT as well as your overall organizational strategy is taken into account

  • Best practices developed in collaboration with your employees and tailored to your needs 
  • tts provides the SuccessFactors extension „How To's“ in the form of dojos 
  • Having fun! Your team can compete in code jams 

Integration/ Migration

If your business processes are complex, it is likely that they are supported by a large number of systems. It is a challenge of its own to keep track of interdependencies that occur in such systems.  

How does tts help you manage those interdependencies? 

  • As a mediator, we assure your HR and IT team develop an understanding for each other and share relevant knowledge
  • Our priority is to make your systems easy to maintain and fail-save 
  • By implementing cloud integrations middleware like Dell Boomi or SAP Cloud Platform Integration 
  • We make sure that your systems design and architecture serve you – Not vice versa.  

Get the most out of SaaS in the cloud

We check the value of integration platforms for you

  • Our experts evaluate options to bundle interfaces and simplify processes 
  • Be excited about a systems architecture that is tailored to your processes
  • Get the ROI you were looking for by fully using your systems integration potential with us 



  • You would like to transfer data into visually appealing graphics?
  • You think that a report should be just as valuable to IT administrators as it is for managers and be a decision-making tool for both? 
  • Your users have high standards when it comes to graphical design and usability of dashboards? 

Provide tools for your users that helps them not only accessing, but also evaluating data in a way that makes finding correlations easy. How? By using reportUI for SAP SuccessFactors Learning and BizX with their interactive filters and intelligent charts. Users can also merge several reports into one dashboard to display most important data at a glance.  

Discover more options of reportUI like data exports to MS Excel and formatting PDF documents. 


Do you still print each and every single application document? Would you rather save time and effort by printing all documents with just one mouse click? Our printtservices solution is integrated in SuccessFactors Recruiting and offers just that quick and easy procedure.

printtservices merges documents automatically and dynamically. Find out more!

LSO Landing Page

Your Learning Management System has multiple purposes within your organization: It is a Self-Service-Platform for your employees when it comes to accessing and booking learning content. It is also a source of information whenever employees look for training offers provided by your HR development. Last but not least it is an important interface between you, the internal provider of HR development services, and your customers.  

Transform your SAP LSO into a modern tool by implementing an LSO Landing Page which helps you advertising learning content and spreading news. Your users benefit from an up-to-date interface and faster access to platform content.  

The LSO Landing Page offers a series of configuration features and even provides an authoring system „light“ to customize the Landing Page to your specific needs.