tts learning architects hahaben gemeinsam mit der ePA-CC GmbH ein Web-based Training für das Produkt epaAC entwickelt.
epa-CC GmbH nutzt WBT der tts learning architects

Digital training for professional care

tts learning architects worked with ePA-CC GmbH to develop a web-based training (WBT) course that provides care staff with a practical introduction to epaAC, a piece of software that makes it possible to neatly document care information.
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Better, reliable assessment of state of health

The aim of professional care is to look after people as well as possible. For this to happen, care staff must be able to reliably assess the state of their patients’ health. This can only be done using in-depth information that makes it possible to generate risk profiles, care plans and treatment recommendations in a targeted way. The epa system developed by ePA-CC does exactly this. The faster care staff learn to work with it, the sooner everyone can benefit from it. For this reason, ePA‑CC was keen to set up an eLearning course that would lay out all the advantages of epa in terms of documentation and digitalization clearly and comprehensibly for care staff and teach them how to use the tools correctly.

Number of users
approx. 800 institutions

Attractive introduction to the product

ePA-CC was therefore looking for a partner with WBT expertise (WBT = web-based training), who is also familiar with the requirements of the care sector and can handle complexity. In the course of its research, the organization came across tts, and worked in close collaboration with this partner to develop a WBT program for the epaAC method. This complex task involved implementing learning content in the form of a storyboard approach, designing practical scenarios using illustrators, embedding the scenarios in the concept and using professional voice artists to narrate the entire training course. Thanks to the scenario-based learning approach, users can now acquire new knowledge and skills directly in the context of what they are doing – a vital simplification of the knowledge transfer process. In addition, tts developed an input mask for the WBT that outlines the assessment approach in general terms.

The initial version (epaAC, Version 2.2) was launched in mid-2019, while an updated and expanded version (epaAC, Version 2.3) came out a year later.

Attractive and simple user navigation

Extremely beneficial thanks to practical care scenarios

Rapid, in-depth introduction to the product

Also suitable for refreshing knowledge

epaCC: Gemeinsam mit tts haben wir ein großartiges E-Learning entwickelt
Together with tts, we developed a fantastic eLearning course to break new ground in the training of care staff. It offers a great alternative and supplement to in-house training courses.
epa-CC GmbH nutzt WBT der tts learning architects
Iris Nußbaum
Head of Customer Management & Training, ePA-CC GmbH

Efficient care

With the epa system, ePA-CC has put care on a new footing. This method enables care staff in hospitals and nursing homes to quickly assess the condition of their patients, document it neatly, and take targeted action. More than 210,000 people in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are currently working with the system in around 800 institutions. An eLearning system needed to be developed to help users get to grips with the method quickly.

Fun training with lasting effect

The epaAC WBT developed jointly by tts and ePA-CC meets this brief perfectly. It is based on a special educational and graphic concept that provides care staff – especially those in the field of acute in-patient care – with a simple, understandable introduction to the epa method and how to use epaAC.

Skillfully overcoming complexity

The trick was to present complex content concisely in an educational way – in other words, to include all the key content without overloading the WBT. Particularly when it came to the illustrations, every detail mattered – even the facial expressions of the patients and the depiction of the care staff. Thanks to its years of experience in education and developing WBT, tts is capable of meeting even these kinds of complex requirements, and set about its task with both eyes open. The mutual trust between the collaboration teams proved to be vital. The wide range of services and always being approachable also proved to be key to the success of the project as it went on, and made close, regular coordination – and therefore smooth cooperation – possible.

An award-winning product

There is no doubting the value of cleverly designed WBT courses, as can be seen in the constantly rising numbers of people using the learning solution developed by tts. ePA-CC is impressed by the jointly developed WBT, and intends to gradually expand the versions. The synergies are clear to see – after all, the WBT is suitable for both initial training and refresher courses. The Gesellschaft für Pädagogik, Information und Medien e. V. (Society for Pedagogy, Information and Media, GPI) has recognized the benefits of the product and awarded the WBT developed for ePA-CC the renowned “Comenius-EduMedia-Award für digitale Bildungsmedien” (Comenius EduMedia Award for digital educational media).

Web-based training courses for other ePA-CC GmbH products are now also in the pipeline so as to expand the range of the training offered.

tts learning architects hahaben gemeinsam mit der ePA-CC GmbH ein Web-based Training für das Produkt epaAC entwickelt.

What ePA-CC has achieved with the WBT

  • More than 210,000 people in around 800 facilities introduced to the epaAC product
  • Constantly rising user numbers
  • Continuous enhancement of the WBT versions
  • Awarded the renowned “Comenius-EduMedia-Award für digitale Bildungsmedien”
  • Development of WBT programs for other ePA methods

About ePA-CC GmbH

ePA-CC GmbH developed the ePA method and works systematically to develop it further for all areas of health care. The organization also trains users to implement the method correctly and integrate it sensibly into the care process.

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