Wir befähigen und unterstützen Mitarbeitende mit einem Full-Service-Portfolio aus Software, Beratung und Corporate Learning

we empower people

Thanks to our full-service portfolio of software, consultancy and corporate learning, we empower and support employees every step of the way – thereby ensuring that companies remain successful, innovative and growth-oriented during every phase of the digital transformation.
tts - we empower people: facts & figures

It’s the people who make the difference

When it comes to conducting business and any kind of business transformation, people are the most important determinant of success. Armed with this conviction, we develop customized solutions that support people during the process of change, allowing companies to create sustainable added value and competitive advantages. With our finger firmly on the pulse of the digital revolution, we act as a constant driving force for change and play a decisive role in shaping the working world of the future in the interests of people.

Customers worldwide value us for:

  • our unrivaled software for digital adoption,
  • the strategic mindset and modus operandi of our digital HR consultants,
  • the highly effective learning methods, formats and content – all of which are resolutely geared toward people’s needs – devised by our specialists for corporate learning.

Three business areas for sustainable people empowerment

tts digital adoption solutions

Our tts performance suite, widely regarded as the most comprehensive software for digital adoption, helps companies to quickly bridge gaps in their employees’ knowledge and skillsets, providing them with state-of-the-art support in terms of technology and business flows – all of this directly in the work context at hand and in the moment of need.

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tts learning architects

Thanks to our high level of methodical-didactical expertise and passion for transferring knowledge, our innovative corporate learning philosophy safely guides companies through the choppy waters of change and transformation. Working hand-in-hand with our client companies, we design tailor-made learning environments, bringing the whole concept of a learning organization to life.

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tts digital HR experts

As informed, proactive thinkers, change initiators and hands-on implementers, we design future-oriented strategies and solutions for the world of digital HR. We adopt a holistic approach to HR and IT, and our profound understanding of processes makes all the difference. We deploy our unique mix of abundant knowledge and experience, coupled with sound judgment and wholehearted dedication, to quickly and efficiently create lasting benefits for companies and people.

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Karriere bei tts: Gemeinsam mit die Arbeitswelt der Zukunft gestalten
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Code of Conduct

Responsible actions beyond pure adherence to the applicable legal obligations are important for the success of our business. Thus, tts is not only committed to abide the law but also this Code of Conduct which provides for additional rules and guidelines determining our daily de- cisions and actions.

The Code of Conduct provides for the values and fundamental principles underlying our business since we want to not only reach our business and economic goals but also to act ethically and morally correct. Therefore, we want to bind all tts employees at all offices as well as our directors, business partners and all providers to this Code of Conduct. By placing the Code of Conduct on the website, all employees, suppliers and other interested parties are made aware of it. The application of the policy is monitored by the management.