Mit der Digital Adoption Platform tts performance suite steigern Sie die Akzeptanz für neue Software und Prozesse.

Digital Adoption Platform: tts performance suite

Accelerate digital transformation by increasing user adoption of new technologies and processes - with tts performance suite, the only Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) for organization-wide transformation.
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Digital Adoption Platform: Drive efficient digital transformation

Elevate application use

With tts performance suite, employees use every software in your organization with ease, and you maximize the ROI of your technology investments. 

Integrate enduring innovations

The digital adoption platform from tts enables users to rapidly upskill and develop their expertise in the flow of work. This way, they can keep up with all changes.

Perform processes productively

The DAP from tts lets employees work frictionless. Expertise in processes, policies and procedures is just one click away.

Mit der Digital Adoption Platform tts performance suite können Sie kurzfristig auf den Markt reagieren und stärken die Wettbewerbsfähigkeit Ihres Unternehmens.
With tts performance suite, employees master every change immediately. No matter what technology, no matter what process. This enables you to react quickly to the market and strengthen your company's competitiveness.
Rolf Zajonc, Managing Director at tts
Dr. Rolf Zajonc
Managing Director @tts
Digital Adoption Platform: Den digitalen Wandel effizient gestalten

Master change confidently with a Digital Adoption Platform

Many organizations fail to achieve their digital transformation goals by focusing solely on the technological aspects of change. They often underestimate the importance of employees understanding the full scope of change and new processes. They overlook “digital adoption”.

Choose the Digital Adoption Platform from tts and drive your company's digital transformation to success. With tts performance suite you

... integrate new technologies and processes directly into workflow

… identify undetected points of friction based on usage data

… boost employee experience and productivity

… give faster access to policies and procedures to ensure compliance

… accelerate transformation - while maintaining organizational performance 


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tts performance suite: Establish digital technologies effectively

Corporate Learning

Tailor your employee onboarding process with the digital adoption platform from tts. They rapidly gain the knowledge they need and build their skills at every turn. The result is targeted team development and enhanced adaptability throughout the organization.

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Technology Guidance

Provide in-app guidance to employees across the entire organization. Employees use all applications and software solutions with confidence. This reduces errors and support costs, and increases the ROI of your IT investments. 

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Business Guidance

tts performance suite provides workflow guidance to employees on business processes, policies, and procedures. This ensures frictionless work, organizational alignment and productivity for your organization.

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A DAP for the win: Success as an agile organization

Only organizations that regularly update their technologies and processes can withstand market pressures - provided they take their employees along during the rapid pace of change.

tts performance suite is designed to support you in mastering the rapid changes of new work processes and technologies. It guides and supports employees in their workflow, ensuring that they can confidently use new business applications and processes right from the start.

The DAP does it: To success as an adaptable organization

Why customers choose tts performance suite

"With tts performance suite, we broke down our knowledge silos. Thanks to the open interfaces and integration options, users now easily access all of our knowledge sources. We have created an intuitive 'single source of truth."

IT project manager at an organization in the public sector 

"Initially, I was concerned that we wouldn't be able to meet the tight timeline for our implementation. But the professional services consultants, the customer success team, and the tts support team were with us every step of the way. As a result, we were able to get our colleagues on board more quickly and deliver the project on time."  

Senior Project Manager Digitalization & ICT of a large hospital 

"We evaluated a number of vendors that didn't pass the initial security review. tts addressed security concerns and with tts performance suite, we found a DAP that we integrated smoothly into our restrictive IT architecture. It is also GDPR-compliant and ISO 27001-certified. The best tool for us!"  

IT security team leader at a leading organization in the financial sector 

Universitätsspital Basel
City of New York
SBB Schweizer Bundesbahn
Exceed your digital transformation goals

Hundreds of organizations with over 6 million people use tts performance suite. Book your no-obligation demo now! 

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