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Turn your business knowledge into a competitive edge: with tts performance suite – the only digital adoption platform designed for a company-wide transformation.
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Why the world's leading companies rely on our software

User Adoption fördern
User Adoption for your business applications
Support pour vos clients lourds et applications cloud
Support for cloud and on-premise applications
Digitale Transformation beschleunigen
Accelerate onboarding
Knowledge Management vereinfachen
Simplify Knowledge Management
IT-Investitionen absichern
Maximize IT investments
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Faster than ever, more than ever

The speed with which organizations are nowadays compelled to react to technological leaps, market shifts and disruptive events pushes many to their limits. All corporate divisions are in a state of flux, the flood of information is accelerating, but there’s no guarantee of everybody being in the know. Keeping all information up-to-date and ensuring that it is easy to find and apply – how can this be done? Quite easily actually!

Digital Adoption Platform: Support for applications and processes

With tts performance suite by your side, you can bundle your entire reservoir of corporate knowledge into a single source. Not only that, but you can also deliver this knowledge ‘just in time’ to wherever it is needed – directly to the digital workplace and precisely tailored to the specific work context and role. This way, you can rest assured that your employees have access to exactly the type of individualized support they require when dealing with new applications, technologies and processes. This eliminates the time-consuming search for information because it is already available at the all-important moment of need.

Use tts performance suite to easily assign application guides for all Windows and web-based applications to specific tasks that arise during the day-to-day work with such programs. Our digital adoption platform provides relevant knowledge regarding processes, workflows, rules & procedures along with digital training material and company-specific basic know-how – all of which perfectly match the task at hand. Other sources of knowledge can also be integrated into this system. tts performance suite therefore acts as the central gateway for all questions, becoming users’ single source of truth.

Managing the entire content lifecycle straight out of the box

Due to the fact that tts performance suite comes with all components for managing the entire content lifecycle straight out of the box, this can all be achieved with just one tool.

Managing the entire content lifecycle straight out of the box


Cut your costs with the quick creation of all types of knowledge content, such as step-by-step instructions for workflows or application functions. The procedure is so uncomplicated that content can be produced not only by your authors, application and subject matter experts, but also by the actual end users. Thanks to an all-encompassing authoring component, knowledge content of the utmost quality – such as e-learning units and WBTs, or documentation and manuals – can also be created speedily and with a minimum of effort.


Boost the efficiency and satisfaction of your employees by giving them exactly the support they need to perform their tasks via centralized access to the company’s entire stockpile of business knowledge. But there’s also another huge benefit: the fact that every employee only receives knowledge that is relevant to their role and matches the context of their current task. Precisely when it is needed and without having to arduously search for it – pertinent information on every web or desktop application, or on every process and business case at the touch of a button.


Thanks to the server-based content management backend in tts performance suite, you can keep your content clear, concise and up-to-date at all times. Both in-house and external content can be managed, structured and curated in a fully integrated manner. With regard to content, you can organize learning objects based on processes, topics or courses and prepare them for context-sensitive use as part of Performance Support. Version and variant management systems, along with numerous reporting options, round off the content management features.


Thanks to the evaluation and reporting features in the Analytics Dashboard, you are always fully aware of your employees’ usage patterns and knowledge requirements. At a glance, you can see which topics, documents and content are in particularly high demand, how intensively individual items of content are used and which knowledge gaps still need to be filled. In a nutshell: You gain valuable insights that enable you to continuously optimize your support by adding missing content and updating it quickly.

Stop searching - start finding

Now’s the time to ensure that your employees do not fall by the wayside and that your strategic goals are top-down synchronized with the bottom-up requirements of your employees. tts performance suite can support you every step of the way. After all, employees who no longer have to ‘waste’ valuable time on the endless search for relevant information make a much larger contribution to the success and competitive edge of your company than those who get lost in the jungle of conflicting information.

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Also good to know

tts performance suite meets the highest security and compliance standards. And needless to say, tts is always at hand to lend a hand. We will be happy to assist you with excellent services and support during every project phase, meaning that you get to exploit the revolutionary potential of tts performance suite in the most value-adding and successful way imaginable.

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