BDO: Empowerment für die virtuelle Kollaboration mit der tts performance suite
BDO Deutschland

BDO: Empowerment for virtual collaboration

By developing a user-centered training concept and using the tts performance suite, BDO has successfully rolled out Microsoft 365 and supported the implementation of a new intranet.
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Switching to collaboration in virtual teams

BDO is one of Germany’s leading companies specializing in audit and audit-related services, tax and business law consulting, and advisory services. The company is pursuing a comprehensive digitalization strategy to further improve its international client service. This involves boosting interdisciplinary collaboration and pooling the company’s global expertise for working together in virtual teams.

To achieve this aim, BDO has launched the “Modern Digital Workplace” (MDW) project, which is being driven forward by HR and Corporate IT. At the heart of the project is the roll-out of Microsoft 365 and the implementation of a new intranet.

Audit and audit-related services
more than 2,100
304 million euros

Digital adoption platform and customized training

tts performance suite providing support in the digital workplace

BDO decided to use the tts performance suite for more than 2,100 employees. “The fact that this solution offers BDO staff exactly the help they need in the work process at all times was key to this decision,” says Maria Proske, IT Project Manager at BDO. However, there were other important considerations, too, such as speeding up onboarding and reducing the outlay for initial training. “The strategic relevance of the solution is another important factor, since it improves our ability to react to future changes.”

tts learning architects boost acceptance and motivation

As part of its holistic approach to the MDW project, BDO also got tts learning architects on board. In doing so, BDO was pursuing two objectives. “We wanted to generate momentum that would make our staff enthusiastic about the changes,” explains Proske. “On top of that, we wanted to develop user-centered training options that would lead to rapid learning progress and save resources.”

Efficient knowledge transfer for more than 2,100 employees in the new modern digital workplace

Rapid learning progress, leading to high levels of staff motivation

Reduced outlay for resources thanks to perfectly tailored training and greater self-organization in relation to learning

Improved competitiveness and agility, because the tts performance suite will enable BDO to react quickly to future changes in applications or processes

Double roll-out, single goal – to make staff more successful

Near-standard implementation within six months

To achieve results as quickly as possible, BDO opted for a near-standard implementation of the tts performance suite, combined with tts Microsoft 365 Empowerment and governance workshops. Following initial author training by tts, BDO started training its own authors, who got to work straight away during the six-month roll-out phase, producing learning content for their colleagues.

Producing learning content plays a key part in breaking down existing knowledge silos. Knowledge blocks are centralized, then made available at a single click to every BDO digital workplace via the QuickAccess section of the tts performance suite. This gives staff access to relevant knowledge in every application in a context-sensitive, role-specific way.

Content can also be produced bottom-up

A special feature at BDO is that all users can access all content, so they can select their training in line with their particular leanings and interests. What’s more, the company has decided to allow users to produce content, too, meaning that the knowledge base can also be expanded bottom-up. “To motivate staff, tts produced an advertising trailer that demonstrates, among other things, just how easy Creator is for anybody to use,” comments Proske, who is one of those with in-house responsibility for author training.

Perfekte Kombination aus tts performance suite und dem Einsatz der Learning-Expert:innen von tts
The combination of the tts performance suite and the input from the tts learning experts is the perfect fit for our holistic approach. It is an integral part of the measures we are taking to make interdisciplinary collaboration easier, wherever our staff may be located.
BDO Deutschland
Maria Proske
IT Project Manager at BDO Germany

Learning concept based on personas

While the tts performance suite provides staff with process and application support in their moment of need, the work of the tts learning architects starts at an earlier stage. They carry out a training needs analysis that helps them decide which learning content and formats should be used both inside and outside the tts performance suite.

In the first instance, the focus is not on training itself. As members of the change and learning workstream of the project, the tts learning experts created several user stories based on the BDO change story. These user stories took account of stakeholder expectations and strategic objectives. Working together with BDO staff members, six typical BDO personas were then developed on this basis. Starting with the question of what each of these personas needs to be successful in virtual teamwork, tts provided support for drawing up a learning concept. This was tailored precisely to the various personas’ training needs – and also addressed their insecurities and what motivated them.

Large range of learning formats proves a winner

This approach resulted in a large range of learning formats for the various project phases. To prepare and motivate staff for the imminent change, tts and BDO worked together to design a two-minute trailer and welcome sessions for up to 200 participants. Information about the technical and organizational principles for virtual collaboration was delivered via web-based training sessions based on specifications issued by the technical members of the project team.

In addition, the change and learning workstream and tts designed self-learning spaces that met the various personas’ needs and offered content for independent learning ranging from bite-sized learning nuggets to 45-minute webinars. “What we have achieved with tts, the persona concept that we worked out together, and the training blocks and formats derived from that concept is phenomenal – and will be useful to us in other projects, too,” says Proske.  

BDO: Empowerment für die virtuelle Kollaboration mit der tts performance suite

What BDO has achieved with the tts performance suite

  • Broad acceptance and motivation for virtual collaboration
  • A big appetite for learning and rapid learning success thanks to the persona-specific learning concept
  • Training that is closely aligned with strategic project goals
  • A company-wide single source of truth for 2,100 members of staff
  • High level of application and process certainty in the moment of need
  • High change tempo in the BDO “Modern Digital Workplace” project
  • Agile knowledge culture that offers strategic benefits for upcoming change projects
  • Support for more than 30 applications (and rising)


The aim is for the tts performance suite to be used on a cross-application basis in the future. It is with this in mind that BDO is currently creating help content for the standard software and existing in-house developments in use. In the future, BDO intends to use push notifications from tts to alert staff to new learning content and changes to processes or rules. BDO will also use the persona and learning concept as a blueprint for other projects.

About BDO

BDO AG, a company specializing in audit and audit-related services, employs more than 2,100 members of staff at 27 locations in Germany. In 2021, it achieved sales of 304 million euros. Established in Hamburg in 1920, BDO is now one of Germany’s leading companies specializing in audit and audit-related services, tax and business law consulting, and advisory services. The company is also a founding member of BDO International, which has 111,300 employees in 164 countries and sales of 12.8 billion dollars (2022).

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