Mit der tts performance suite setzen die Mitarbeitenden Prozesse, Richtlinien und Vorschriften reibungslos um.

Business Guidance

tts performance suite allows employees to comply with processes, policies and regulations. Thanks to the Digital Adoption Platform, employees work confidently and reliably in every process - and you increase the efficiency of your company.
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Business guidance: Establishing every process effectively

Ensure frictionless workflow

With the DAP from tts, employees perform any process quickly and accurately. This increases the company's productivity and competitiveness.

Ensure consistent compliance 

tts performance suite allows employees to make the right decisions at the right time. This reduces the cost of regulatory violations and increases compliance. 

Anchoring new ideas sustainably

The Digital Adoption Platform from tts increases the acceptance of change. This improves the adaptability of the entire organization and enables you to achieve your digitalization goals faster.

Business Guidance mit der tts performance suite: Jeden Ablauf wirksam etablieren

Business guidance with the tts performance suite

With tts performance suite, you allow employees to implement workflows with confidence. Business guidance puts knowledge where it is needed: directly in the digital workplace.  

1. Customized and relevant

Whether it is a single work step or an entire business process, tts performance suite recognizes the context and role of the individual employee. This means that employees receive the information they really need.

2. Simple and at any time

tts performance suite supports employees whenever they need help. Just one click and the DAP becomes the central access point for all questions that arise during work. 

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A Dap for the win: How business guidance succeeds

With the following four components of the tts performance suite, you can bring business guidance to the organization - supported by AI when needed.

  • Creator for content creation
  • Curator for Content Management
  • QuickAccess for context-sensitive knowledge access
  • Analytics dashboard for evaluations
A Dap for the win: How business guidance succeeds with the tts performance suite


Creator is not only used by authors to rapidly and easily create process and decision support. Thanks to generative AI, business experts and end users can easily create new content for any business process.


With QuickAccess, employees have centralized access to all organizational knowledge. The special feature: With just one click, they get the contextual support that is relevant to their role.


With Curator, users manage their own and external content in one place. Variant management, versioning, and administrative functions make it easy to keep help for processes, rules, and regulations up to date. 


The analytics dashboard gives administrators at-a-glance visibility into employee usage and knowledge needs. They can see what content is in high demand and where digital friction needs to be reduced.

Why is the tts performance suite unique?

  • Efficient knowledge transfer in every business process 
  • Frictionless workflows thanks to a mix of learning and guidance
  • Full support for the organization's digital transformation
  • Unrestricted integration into the existing IT architecture
  • -Best price/performance of any DAP in multi-application operation
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Establish each process effectively

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