Accelerate Digital Transformation

with tts performance suite

A single software that aligns your employees and provides real-time guidance for complex processes and technology. See how tts performance suite supports you on every step of your digital journey: 

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Digitalization made easy

Turn your business knowledge into a competitive edge: with tts performance suite – the only digital adoption solution designed for a company-wide transformation.

Make Knowledge a Competitive Advantage

Use your company’s own expertise as a unique competitive edge – with tts performance suite.

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Success through user adoption – how to get more out of it

User adoption is one of the key prerequisites for a solution to be embraced and put to successful use. The tts performance suite can help you with this – with customized support at the workplace.

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The best way to get staff onboard efficiently

Recent hires often leave the company within the first few months due to lack of training to perform their job. tts performance suite can make onboarding easier so your new staff can be off to a flying start.

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How to sustainably safeguard your IT investments

With the tts performance suite, you maximize the return on your IT investments both quickly and sustainably.

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Solutions for Every Use Case

tts performance suite

tts performance suite supports learning in the flow of work in addition to real-time guidance for enterprise applications and complex business processes. It enables organizations to accelerate their digital transformations and realize the value of their software investments.

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