NTT Data: Reibungslose IT-Integration in über 18 Ländern
NTT Data und tts: Reibungslose IT-Integration in über 18 Ländern

NTT DATA integrates IT in more than 18 countries

With the Digital Adoption Platform tts performance suite, NTT DATA is laying the foundation for a frictionless migration to SAP S/4HANA and at least four other business applications in Europe and Latin America.
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Five New Applications for 50,000 Employees

NTT DATA is one of the fastest growing IT service providers in the world. In order to harmonize the heterogeneous application landscape of NTT DATA Europe & LATAM, the organization decided on a comprehensive change project.  

The goal was to migrate all 50,000 employees in more than 18 countries to the parent company's software portfolio within 12 months. At the same time, the parallel rollout of SAP S/4HANA, Service Now, SAP SuccessFactors, Salesforce, and SAP Ariba had to avoid slowing down day-to-day operations and overloading the help desk with excessive training. 

IT und Services
IT and services
IT integration
in over 18 countries
1,423 Mrd. EUR

Workflow learning for success

Based on initial positive experiences with tts performance suite as part of the SAP R/3 implementation at the everis subsidiary, the project team decided to make the Digital Adoption Platform available to all NTT DATA Europe & Latam employees. "Of course, we knew that implementing a sixth application would add complexity to the project," said Francisco Nestares Garcia, project owner and CIO of NTT DATA Europe & Latam. "On the other hand, we also knew how important on-the-job learning is for the success of a project of this size. We wanted to take advantage of this potential.

In order not to lose any time, NTT DATA Europe & Latam also brought two consultants from tts on board at the start of the project. For one year, the tts experts supported the change management team on site in Madrid in the development of the content creation strategy. In addition, tts trained around 45 authors and designed and produced content for the tts performance suite. 

High acceptance for application portfolio replacement

Role-based and cross-application 24/7 knowledge transfer across five applications

High operational and process reliability at the "moment of need

Reduced need for functional support

Mit der Digital Adoption Platform tts performance suite können Sie kurzfristig auf den Markt reagieren und stärken die Wettbewerbsfähigkeit Ihres Unternehmens.
Switching to five business-critical applications at the same time was an enormous challenge. tts performance suite enabled us to make this transition because the solution made the change process much more efficient.
Francisco Nestares Garcia, CIO von NTT Data Europe & Latam
Francisco Nestares Garcia
CIO of NTT DATA Europe & Latam

Focused approach accelerates project progress

Focus on the essentials

It is not uncommon for organizations to take more than five years to replace their entire core application inventory. NTT DATA was able to reduce this time to 12 months. The reason for this was a highly focused approach and detailed analysis of the change and learning requirements. NTT DATA brought together the necessary resources in a central Change Management Office under the leadership of the Talent & Transformation department.

The decisive course for the rapid progress of the project was set immediately after the implementation and customization of the tts performance suite on an AWS cloud server. From that point on, tts worked closely with the Change Management Office to develop a content strategy, train the authors, and develop and personalize the templates for the training materials.

Focus was also the guiding principle for subsequent content production. "The preliminary analysis of knowledge requirements showed that our employees primarily needed workplace support," says Francisco Nestares Garcia. "E-learning, on the other hand, was hardly necessary due to the high level of software expertise of our users. In total, about 490 pieces of content were created to help users with new or non-intuitive operations and processes, including step lists, user manuals, navigation guides, and e-learning courses, especially on Salesforce. Traditional training was only needed in a few cases. This was partly because the project team successfully promoted the use of the tts performance suite with a promotional video, how-to infographics, and intensive communication. 

Fast adoption relieves the helpdesk

With the help of the Digital Adoption Platform and the services provided by tts, NTT DATA Europe & Latam was able to achieve a high level of acceptance for the major IT project within a short period of time. In addition, the organization was able to ensure a smooth transition by providing employees with context-sensitive and role-specific support at their workplace at any time for questions about the respective application, cross-application processes or onboarding.

Even areas with high employee turnover now have a high level of operational and process reliability, while reducing the amount of training required. "Overall, we have achieved all the project goals we set for ourselves," says Francisco Nestares Garcia. "We have fewer calls to the help desk and are able to resolve the remaining problems more quickly. At the same time, the consistently high level of operational security ensures data and process quality that allows us to maximize the potential of the new business applications."

NTT Data: Reibungslose IT-Integration in über 18 Ländern

What NTT Data has achieved with tts performance suite

  • Rapid transition from project start to business as usual 
  • Reduced training and support efforts for high turnover areas
  • Increased efficiency in creating, updating, and localizing training content
  • Fewer help desk requests and faster problem resolution
  • Increased user autonomy in accessing knowledge about processes and procedures
  • Increased productivity through efficient use of software 


NTT DATA has decided to expand its use of tts performance suite due to the numerous benefits it has provided during the project and in day-to-day operations. In the future, the tts Digital Adoption Platform will also support other business applications. The necessary content will be created by NTT DATA's various IT service units. 


NTT DATA is a trusted global innovator of business and IT solutions with 150,000 employees worldwide and operations in more than 50 countries. The organization supports its customers in their digital transformation. NTT DATA generates annual revenues of approximately 30 billion euros through consulting, industry solutions, business process services, and IT and managed services.

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