tts performance suite – Transformations-Push für Banken

Driving the Transformation of Banks

To remain competitive, banks need to all but totally reinvent themselves, while also ensuring stability and compliance. The tts performance suite can help you with this tricky balancing act.
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Your benefits with tts performance suite

Digitale Transformation beschleunigen
Accelerate onboarding
Mitarbeitende für digitalen Wandel begeistern
Inspire employees for digital transformation
Zum Arbeitskontext passende Hilfe
Help that matches the working context
Gesteigerte Effizienz und Produktivität
Increase productivity and efficiency
Change Management meistern
Mastering change management
Reduce error rate

How to stay successful

New challenges and customer requirements are placing banks under huge pressure to digitalize and innovate. They need to modernize both their front-end and back-end systems if they are to remain successful. At the same time, it’s vital for them to introduce innovative applications and adapt the process landscape on the fly without breaching existing and new regulations.

Master the transition to the new banking world

The tts performance suite will help you make a success of the upcoming changes. This business suite for company-wide digital adoption gives your front-end and back-end staff the exact information they require to carry on working if they happen to need a helping hand – no matter which core banking system or cloud/on-premise application they are working in. Everything is geared to the task in hand and tailored to the role in question. In this way, you achieve a seamless transition to the new world of banking, plug gaps in the transformation process and encourage an agile mindset for the next big change project. 

Increase user adoption

With the tts performance suite, you can give your employees better orientation when dealing with complex processes and technologies. This will increase acceptance of changes as part of digital transformation.

Simplify Change Management

Bring speed and agility to your organization's digital transformation with the tts performance suite. The Digital Adoption Platform helps your employees realize the full potential of new technologies.

Your benefits:

  • Motivate your staff ready for the digital transformation.
  • Reduce the number of errors and the associated costs.
  • Boost everyday productivity and efficiency.
  • Increase data quality and ensure compliance.
  • Become more agile and innovative.
Transformez votre connaissance en un avantage concurrentiel : avec tts performance suite - la seule solution d'adoption digitale conçue pour une transformation de toute l'entreprise.
tts performance suite

Digitalization made easy

Turn your business knowledge into a competitive edge: with tts performance suite – the only digital adoption platform designed for a company-wide transformation.

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